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Synonyms for theme

Synonyms for theme

what a speech, piece of writing, or artistic work is about

a relatively brief discourse written especially as an exercise

the main part of a word to which affixes are attached


Synonyms for theme

the subject matter of a conversation or discussion

a unifying idea that is a recurrent element in literary or artistic work


Related Words

an essay (especially one written as an assignment)

(linguistics) the form of a word after all affixes are removed

provide with a particular theme or motive

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For more information and to view a theme demo visit http://bootstrapcreative.
Theme options help the end user to modify or to create their website easily without the help of a technical person.
This, he added, applies to other themes, noting that the sub-themes include a number of topics, which would determine the kind of issues to be covered by sessions, therefore the issue of judicial authority would be discussed within the judicial authority guarantees' theme.
The New York-based theme park operation announced the news two weeks ago.
This is the third consecutive General Synod in which the theme has focused on inclusion, and we are concerned that some may be suspicious of an 'agenda' in the choosing of the theme," said the national church's communication and information resources committee (CIRC) in its report to CoGS.
Theme Two: Importance of Modest Resources, With key relationships and support in place, Near Urban and Urban Private were compelled to apply for funding and while $5,000 may be a modest grant award it represented a 100% and 50% increase in prevention programmatic funds available at each institution.
8) Despite scientific evidence countering most of the early biological perspective's validity and methodology, this angle still can prove a useful basis for theme development.
The second theme that emerged from this question included naming specific advocacy behaviors to illustrate advocacy.
Among the many reasons for having a theme line, one seems most compelling: Many of the people who need to form a connection with your camp's identity may not be visually oriented.
When using constructivist career counseling, the counselor would first encourage the client to tell stories that would illuminate the client's life theme (Savickas, 1995).
A theme is a "bottom line" reaction which develops from asking oneself, "What is this case about?
With Luke, on the other hand, the theme of the universality of the offer of salvation comes much more to the fore.
Now, his theme park home has been given its own second chance, thanks to a US$40 million investment by U.
com has introduced the latest collection of desktop themes software, UNIX Themes found at unixthemes.