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Synonyms for nipple

Synonyms for nipple

the small projection of a mammary gland

a flexible cap on a baby's feeding bottle or pacifier

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In the process, we have identified inspired international allies," stated Robert Thele, Chief Executive Officer of Vestrio.
We appreciate Tim's efforts over the past year and wish him well in his future endeavors," said Bob Thele, Chairman of CoConnect.
OTCBB:WLIV) is proud to welcome Robert Thele into Whole Living's family and look forward to his experience as a senior executive as the Company begins rapidly expanding both domestically and internationally.
I have been involved with a lot of senior management and found that Robert Thele has shown an extraordinary amount of leadership and management abilities.
The directors of the company now consist of Timothy Thayne, Jerry Warnick, and Robert Thele as Chairman of the Board.
Robert Thele, president and chief executive officer of Vestrio, added, "Whole Living has developed into a fundamentally strong company with great networking channels and management.
Thele as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors.
The synergies between the two companies is frankly amazing," said Bob Thele, president and chief executive officer of Vestrio.