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Synonyms for theatrical

Synonyms for theatrical

suggesting drama or a stage performance, as in emotionality or suspense

overemotional exaggerated behavior calculated for effect

Synonyms for theatrical

suited to or characteristic of the stage or theater


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The terminology that Fried presents --theatrical, antitheatrical, presence, objecthood-- stands as a useful point of departure to articulate what is at stake in the theatricalized versions of Guernica.
The soundstage looks like a gym, although it is theatricalized.
If the Revolution was a moment when politics was theatricalized in a public space, the theater offered a space to explore politics and its signifiers.
Coolness," says Fraiman, is "epitomized by the modern adolescent boy in his anxious, self-conscious and theatricalized will to separate from his mother.
The show, which Billings calls "basically, a theatricalized version of my life," reveals her experiences with prostitution, drug abuse, and violent relationships.
Curiously, it's the more theatricalized elements of Blank and Jensen's work that somehow feel at odds with the rest of the proceedings.
Just as Wollstonecraft recognized women's theatricalized behavior to be a "false system of manners" that reduces a woman to a caricature of male desire, Irigaray describes her own notion of masquerade negatively, as "what women do in order to recuperate some element of desire, to participate in man's desire, but at the price of renouncing their own" (133).
Astington's study -- is consistently alive to the complex interactions and mutual influences among the principals of the English court, its administrative arms, and the artists and artisans responsible for mounting all kinds of theater and theatricalized entertainments in a rich variety of spaces ranging from the great halls of Hampton Court and White Hall , through the much more intimate auditoriums available in St.
This paper, then, addresses the 1997 student protests--which took the forms of ritualized and theatricalized processions, and mock funerals, all to some extent influenced by Bulgarian folklore--in light of the theoretical construct of a semi-closed community rallying around one cause.
It is a strong argument, though 'theatricality' can become an unwieldy tool if one tries to establish exact parallels between the relation of actor to audience, where much depends on communicative display, and that of individual to public world, where concealment may be necessary, unless, of course, one imagines performers as bringing to the stage previously theatricalized personalities.
In any case, Ladybug shows how the drip had become so theatricalized in late Abstract Expressionism that paintings could consist almost entirely of them.
Theatres, he argues, did destabilize gender but the effects were contained 'by its confinement to theatricalized space, a licensed zone in which subversive views could not only be advanced or tested, but also satirized or contained'(41).
The holy fool reenacts the incarnation, crucifixion, and resurrection of Christ in exaggerated, often provocatively theatricalized form: the Greek salos Simeon "mocks the world" by wearing the carcass of a dog around his waist; he does so, however, in order that he, as a "madman," can be seen as both having fallen away from God and, in his humiliation and self-abasement, having come as close as is humanly possible to divinity by retracing the steps of the via dolorosa.
Moreover, the age of the theatricalized superestate, with its army of liveried servants, was fading even before Napoleon invaded Russia in 1812.
The dramatic form is further theatricalized when Harrison has the Haber character, evidently an amateur poet, establish the conceit that all dialogue has to be performed in rhyming couplets or quatrains.