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Synonyms for theatrical

Synonyms for theatrical

suggesting drama or a stage performance, as in emotionality or suspense

overemotional exaggerated behavior calculated for effect

Synonyms for theatrical

suited to or characteristic of the stage or theater


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77) The newspaper was misplaced in its accusation; for all his natural bias and undoubted theatricalized vision, Griffith's ongoing commitment to transnational exchange remains the defining force behind all his work.
Furthermore, Cohan notes that masculinity in film musicals is produced out of a highly theatricalized performance of gender encompassing narcissism, exhibitionism, and masquerade.
This Modernist model implies that the "I" in literary texts has only a theatricalized self-consciousness, Wind to anything but the roles of proferred identifications; "you" and "we" are constructions capable only of sharing cliches and bromides.
This occurs in Gothic texts through performances of what Fincher productively refers to throughout the text as "hyperbolic gender"--the Gothic in essence is revealed to be a kind of Butlerian drag show in which theatricalized and exaggerated performances of gender highlight it as socially constructed.
Part theatricalized warm-up, part vocabulary lesson, Prelude introduces Fagan's signature movements and exemplifies the technical demands he places on his dancers.
This theatricalized retelling of the stories and memories of real Antillean women can be seen as a celebration of women's lives in the French Antilles and as a tool for female--specifically Martinican--self-exploration, emancipation, and autonomy.
Lara pays particular attention to the heavily theatricalized processions of the feast of Corpus Christi, which eventually substituted for the Mexica ritual cult of the sun.
She uses the case study of "Riverdance" to illustrate how forms of cultural representation tend to become homogenized; she argues, that, "Riverdance theatricalized Irish step dance from a Western perspective" (2001: 39).
11) Most citizens would also be aware that they were subject to a monarch, to statute law as prescribed by Parliament, and to common law as laid down by custom, but the experience of authority for the majority of inhabitants of England would probably not have a great deal in common with the theatricalized and courtly forms of power (the disembowellings, the highly dramatized pardons) that dominated literary criticism from the New Historicist heydays of the 1980s.
He neglects four potentially helpful volumes on theatricalized audiences: D.
This may only occur when the 'theoretical unity' totalitarian or globally-encompassing theory production is so to speak, suspended, or at least ripped open, torn to shreds, turned inside out, displaced, caricatured, dramatized [and] theatricalized.
The soundstage looks like a gym, although it is theatricalized.
Her dress always appears theatricalized as cross-dressing, she displays all the compulsory markers of femininity excessively, almost in a hamming, buffoonish manner: "she batted her eyelids like a flirt.
The show, which Billings calls "basically, a theatricalized version of my life," reveals her experiences with prostitution, drug abuse, and violent relationships.
Curiously, it's the more theatricalized elements of Blank and Jensen's work that somehow feel at odds with the rest of the proceedings.