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Synonyms for theatrical

Synonyms for theatrical

suggesting drama or a stage performance, as in emotionality or suspense

overemotional exaggerated behavior calculated for effect

Synonyms for theatrical

suited to or characteristic of the stage or theater


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The result is a theatricalization of both the hetero-cultural mechanisms of oppression and Mizer's attempts to establish an alternative site and sight of all-male fantasy.
The "cinematography" of The Face is in part a theatricalization of identity.
What interests Kilroy, though, is not their reality but the theatricalization of their real lives.
Despite this top-down prejudice, there is value in many of these papers, such as Ronald Rittgers' informative chapter on the struggle between city and pastor over confessional forms in Nurenburg, Raymond Mentzer's lively study of penance among the Reformed communities in southern France, Charles Parker's important review of contested public rites of reconciliation among Dutch Reformed parishioners, Wietse de Boer's article on Federico Borromeo's penitential legislation, and Jennifer Selwyn's fascinating study of Jesuit theatricalization of penance in southern Italy.
Malkin's volume argues that the way memory is conceptualized has changed in postmodernism, and that the theatricalization of this new memory discourse has produced some of the most powerful works on the contemporary stage.
The focus shifts, but the field includes fiction, form, style, the interactions of writer and character with readers, the metaphorical use of plot and the theatricalization of absorption itself, as well as a combative assessment of those critical paradigms which partially disenfranchise readers by denying our inventive agency.
The extraordinary appeal of Irish dance in the closing years of this century is partly due to the skillful theatricalization of the folk dance form and its music.
version an actual theatricalization of a script which millions of people
4) Kelly is insensitive to the theatricalization of the interior space of the home, of the inner self, and finally of femininity in the Letters.
Marianne Kesting's "Imaginare Musik oder Musikalisches Theater der Verhinderung" takes as its point of departure the Kagelian dualism "musicalization of the theatre, theatricalization of music.
In Roth's theatricalization of a dandruffy oaf--so evident in the Tischmatten's soiled cardboard sheets--he at once subverts the Swiss stereotype and disavows the groomed Max Bill-like entry he made upon the European scene a half century ago.
This play is the theatricalization of its very own essence--its arbitrary nature.
Both Rackin and Berger begin with an acknowledgment of the Shakespearean text's "unconscious"; Rackin asserts, "For modern scholars, Shakespeare's plays have often constituted a notable site of women's repression" (91), while for Berger, the question of theatricalization is linked to "performance anxiety," both within particular plays, and on the part of scholarly commentators (114).
Against this, there is in the Whig newspapers and in radical pamphlets an escalating frustration at this theatricalization of politics, especially once the war against France starts.
And so Bracken is represented as in the line of Anglo-Irishmen from Farquhar to Wilde who made their way by means of on -- and off -- stage theatricalization to a position of influence in English society.