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Synonyms for theatricality

showy mannerisms and behavior

Synonyms for theatricality

an artificial and mannered quality


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They gave rise to a new theatricality in France, and created a culture of theater.
904, Passion de Semur (fifteenth century), and Some Other Burgundian Manuscripts" (21-42); Vicki Hamblin, "The Theatricality of Pre- and Post-Performance French Mystery Hay Texts" (43-70); Peter Happe, "Michel Adapts Greban: Some Aspects of the Passion Sequence" (71-92); Olivia Robinson, "Chatilly, Musee Conde, Ms.
Jasmin has integrated new choreographic material with live video and animation to create a fresh, exhilarating production stamped with her trademark theatricality and sense of social relevance.
He first encountered these problems while grappling with Minimalism and high modernist painting (see his landmark essay "Art and Objecthood," published in these pages in 1967) and later traced them historically to critical moments in the emergence of modern art going back to Diderot (see his trilogy on eighteenth-and nineteenth-century French painting--Absorption and Theatricality [1980], Courbet's Realism [1990], and Manet's Modernism [1996]).
Whether or not Favreau was entirely successful in avoiding the pitfall of theatricality remains, nonetheless, debatable.
Tomko's work may best be categorized as Performance Studies, and as such it foregrounds id eas of theatricality and performance as part of larger social and cultural formations.
Though much literary history has swept aside the theatricality of this period with demands for sincerity, spontaneity, and authentic feeling, Pascoe finds that the development of a romantic aesthetic cannot be dissociated from this rejected alternative.
Not only is Sartre's concrete relationship to the theater revealing (the plays he accepts and those he rejects, his attitudes toward production and performance, et cetera), and not only do his dramatic works often display a conflictual relationship between theatricality and engagement (Ireland analyzes more obscure works such as Bariona and Kean as well as the more celebrated plays), but the theater structurally embodies a problematic relationship to action, one which resonates with paradoxes intrinsic to Sartre's theory of freedom.
The theatricality of all three is self evident but takes on new dimensions in Auerbach's analysis.
Theatricality in early modern art and architecture.
Theatricality and Narrative in Medieval and Early-Modern Scotland.
Centered on the '50s mambo craze, the piece showcases the 13-member troupe's signature virtuosity, theatricality, and exuberance.
The sheer theatricality of flopping is distasteful, as is the slow-motion way the chicanery unfolds.
His theatricality and celebration of cliched gay identity can be irritating, as can his enthusiasm for the trite aesthetics of advertising and fashion.