theatrical season

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the season when new plays are produced

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It is, furthermore, worth bearing in mind that only from the theatrical season 1668-1669 does The London Stage separate the two Beestons in the company roster--a telltale sign, perhaps, that only then did the second Beeston (whether George or William) join the troupe (London Stage 1:144).
We're releasing a G-rated, nature documentary in the middle of a summer theatrical season headlined by big and loud action films," said Parkinson.
The production of a play by such an accomplished author asMRostand is one of the culminating events of the Paris theatrical season.
Equity has named Blackpool Grand Theatre the National Theatre of Variety and this year it aims to improve what is already the most varied theatrical season.
During this same theatrical season, New Yorkers might have enjoyed Frank Frayne in a play called Si Slocum, which featured the trick-shooting prowess of the actor turned cowboy turned actor, and they might also have attended a performance of Dashing Charlie starring Texas Jack Omohundro, a frontier scout who along with Buffalo Bill Cody had begun a few years earlier to perform for Broadway audiences a series of highly stylized, action-oriented renditions of life in the post-Civil War West, ostensibly as he and Cody had experienced it.
Though this is its Los Angeles premiere, McPherson's 1997 play will be produced 11 times in regional theaters throughout the country during the 2000-01 theatrical season, making it the season's fourth-most-popular offering.
All theatrical movies for the 2001-2002 theatrical season were co-produced with American and German companies.
The fall 2000 theatrical season will be rather busy for Montreal-based distributor Film Tonic.
Even in a theatrical season that included such queer-friendly gems as Rent and Nicky Silver's Fit to Be Tied, When Pigs Fly is a standout.
edu) a private four-year university located in downtown Raleigh, is proud to announce that its Theatre Program is concluding its theatrical season by performing Sir William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.
Provided in this book are 73 stage monologues for women, drawn from comic and dramatic plays produced or published in the 2012-2013 theatrical season.
Attendees also can tour the center and learn about and register for the upcoming theatrical season as well as future dance, theater and art classes.
The 1855-1856 theatrical season in London began on 22 September 1855, (18) and Calvert was employed as a regular member of the Newport Theatre Company with the end of the season not finishing until 22 October 1855.
A series of administrative blunders and other problems have forced the Santa Susana Repertory Company to postpone its theatrical season and find new ways to generate interest and raise money.
Meant for use in auditions or theatre classes, this volume collects 47 stage monologues and 15 scenes for women, drawn from plays produced or published in the 2011/2012 theatrical season.