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Bray also recognizes that women in the country attended theatrical performances (p.
A primary rule of the festival is that the theatrical performances should be directed and performed only by students from each university.
The troupe combines larger-than-life puppets with classical theatrical performance.
Russell primarily addresses war's significance as a cultural phenomenon during the era 1793-1815, pointing out the theater's role in shaping Britishness, which "could be a theatrical performance, open to a variety of interpretations by its actors" (p.
The Britney Spears wannabe, who wowed the judges last weekend with her theatrical performance of Bjork's It's oh So Quiet, said she wants to duet with the wacky Dublin twins if she gets to the final.
With blood red theatre curtains framing the stage, the fivesome went all out to give a fantastic theatrical performance.
This chapter shows the extraordinary power that the audience had over theatrical performance during this time and forms the basis for Ravel's argument of the audience reflecting the "the transition from absolutist rule to modern democracy" (66).
Whether you want to enjoy a theatrical performance, play 18 holes of golf or relax and camp along the Iowa River, the opportunities are endless
The event at the Birmingham NEC from this Thursday to Sunday and at London Earls Court from November 17-20 will feature a 75-minute theatrical performance of motoring thrills combined with spectacular lighting and pyrotechnics.
This collection of review excerpts in English of English language Shakespeare productions from circa 1700 to 1996 aims to "give a sense of the evolution of Shakespeare's plays in theatrical performance from his time to ours.
The show has received outstanding reviews such as 'Top Pick', 'Recommended' and 'Critics Choice' from top theater critics and most notably won a 2004 Image Award for Best Live Theatrical Performance.
If, as it is alleged, he was struck by a coin, it must have been embedded in a house brick to justify such a theatrical performance.
Each Wednesday night, Castro brings his blend of theatrical performance and ministerial message to dozens of inmates at the Castaic jail complex.
It stated: "We have been instructed on behalf of the family of the late Chic Murray in connection with a theatrical performance which you are promoting and performing based upon the life and humour of Chic Murray.
I cannot imagine that Henry himself, though he tripped the light fantastic, had much use for ballet dancing or any kind of theatrical performance.