theatre curtain

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a hanging cloth that conceals the stage from the view of the audience

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Don Pasquale ENGLISH TOURING OPERA GRAND THEATRE, WOLVERHAMPTON THERE'S a lovely scene at the start of Donizetti's humorous opera when Keel Watson, playing Don Pasquale, stands in front of the theatre curtain and appears to be conducting, with passion, the orchestra in the pit below.
There was just time for dinner before the theatre curtain went up at 7.
ThREE independent vertical CD drives behind clear motorized doors that automatically open like a theatre curtain, at the press of a button.
The overall effect is of a theatre curtain, with the French windows onto the patio as the stage.
Beginning in Vermont in 1996, a museum executive named Christine Hadsel went on a mission to find surviving painted theatre curtains from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
In our industry, unusual things would be like mattresses which we did in the army barracks, things like theatre curtains and ancient clothing.
The project led to theatre curtains, a space scene, an "under the sea" design and graffiti art wall being painted on plain concrete walls.
The back wall was draped with red velvet theatre curtains, the oak floor was polished, two tall white fluted columns stood stage right.
That is why the world No 3 from Wellingborough may pop in a video of that life-changing final frame before he walks through the Crucible Theatre curtains to take on former stablemate Gerard Greene.
Luckily the theatre curtains from hubbie Matthew Broderick's Broadway show were the perfect size to cover SARAH JESSICA PARKER's bump.
They set about painting a set of huge theatre curtains.
With blood red theatre curtains framing the stage, the fivesome went all out to give a fantastic theatrical performance.