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Dancing Balanchine's choreography on the New York State Theater stage often gives me chills, because it's exactly what I have always dreamed of doing.
At right, Nuns for Fun perform on the Starlight Theater Stage on Saturday and will repeat their popular performance at 10:45 a.
This year the full company fills the Colony Theater stage with both classical and contemporary ballet works highlighted by the appearance of special guest dancer Rasta Thomas.
The cavernous space of the enlarged State Theater stage challenges Feld's imaginative approach to the baroque.
The action shifts from a ballroom to perhaps the outdoors where there's circle dancing, and finally to what may be a theater stage with a chorus line and blocks of dancers.
As Houston Ballet ended its 1998-99 season, several dancers also said goodbye to the Wortham Center theater stage.
Other professionals included an area manager for a pizza store chain, a hairstylist, a theater stage manager, and a newspaper editor.
Feld's eclectic work reveals time and again his diversity and longevity, which can be seen April 6 to May 9 when his company, Ballet Tech, steps onto the Joyce Theater stage to present four programs of works old and new.
His Scotch Symphony, Apollo, and Theme and Variations have been performed on the Maryinsky Theater stage for several seasons.
The eager, dedicated sixteen-year-old was hoping that this would not be her only appearance on the State Theater stage.
Martins, in fact, admits that Diamond creations are not automatically guaranteed post-festival appearances on the State Theater stage, particularly if the addition means shoving aside classics by Balanchine and Robbins.
Depicting subjects that range from the natural (the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park) to the architectural (the Guggenheim Museum and the Eiffel Tower), Hall's scenes often have the sentimental artificiality of theater stages or movie sets--in part because they appear to be as much about people as about the places in which we see them.
His first album, "The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart," based on his original stand-up act, became the first comedy album to go to #1 on the charts and turned him into an immediate sell-out in nightclubs and theater stages all over America.
With its upbeat rhythms, relaxed posture and freewheeling energy, tap seemed to breathe the air of democracy--especially once it migrated from the country's theater stages to its even more popular movie screens.
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