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someone who supervises the actors and directs the action in the production of a show

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Now aged 65, the theater director always gave the impression he was unapproachable and publicity-shy.
The theater director and creator of the very popular satirical television show "The Street" also believes that "those who impede the learning process are not the students, but the government of Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski that does not want to resign.
French dramatist and theater director who was one of the creators of the opera-comique (French form of opera in which spoken dialogue alternates with self-contained musical numbers).
He worked as a theater director, actor, and producer for 10 years in Los Angeles.
says Roger Bart, who plays the outrageously gay "common-law assistant" to Gary Beach's hack theater director in the movie version of the Broadway smash The Producers.
His approach is very much that of a theater director, and he's not afraid to mix things up.
In the early '70s, theater director Robert Wilson heard the boy's poetic sound recordings through a mutual friend and drafted the fourteen-year-old into an impromptu onstage appearance in The Life and Times of Joseph Stalin (1973), the beginning of an ongoing collaboration between the two men involving writing as well as performance.
Michelle Nicole Falana, actress and theater director
A children's theater director and his actress wife are put to the test when they meet up with an old lady (played by Marian Seldes) who owns an abandoned historic theater they would dearly love to acquire.
Nancy Bianconi, theater director for the NoHo Theatre and Arts Festival, recalls Rogers' arrival in theater-packed NoHo and the gift baskets he sent to the already established companies.
Created by the renowned British theater director Declan Donnellan on his first foray into the world of dance, with choreography by the Moldovan, Radu Poklitaru, this Romeo sees Juliet in pants, Mercutio in drag, and an ever-present corps.
Being both an artist and a theater director, Kantor found Happenings well suited to closing the gap between art and theater.
Strauss is a leading authority on American generations and a noted playwright, theater director, performer, consultant, and speaker.
We've gone through some growing pains,'' says Nancy Bianconi, the NoHo Festival's theater director.
Planted firmly in the center of Lackawanna Blues--the film debut of preeminent theater director George C.
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