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a hanging cloth that conceals the stage from the view of the audience

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It was dubbed, with typical Hollywood modesty, "certainly the most novel and distinctive theater curtain to be found in the show world.
Most of the play is performed inside a giant white cube, with the back wall consisting of various simple backdrops that quickly set the scene: a theater curtain, a bank of office building windows.
Merely by manipulating chairs or adding or subtracting a few evocative details - a chandelier, a square of neon tubing, a theater curtain, a shaft of light in the distinctive shape of a car window - the designers move us among a wide variety of locales with astonishing ease and swiftness.
By incorporating elements such as theater curtains and drapes into various aspects of the design, the structure displays the studio's commitment to bringing uplifting stories to audience's screens.
BITLIS (Cihan) - Theater Curtains opened for Kurdish and Turkish theatre play for the first time in Turkey's history.
Custom-designed systems with real theater seats, front projection, controlled lighting and theater curtains can cost as much as US$40,000.
In the early modern theater curtains were not used to open and close scenes or draw a halt to a dramatic action, but to conceal actors until they entered onto the stage.
In contrast to the off-white walls in its older stores, the Nashua store features a faux marble look, painted theater curtains and murals of an audience.
Whenever rear doors open, they reveal not a room or corridor but standard black theater curtains.
Since it was unveiled in 1994, the Copper Curtain has been the subject of discussion and even derision from much of the public, much of which says the curtain resembles the back of a refrigerator rather than the theater curtains it was intended to represent.
Red velvet theater curtains slide across the iris, and Tosca sings the aria to an imaginary audience in another dimension.
Yet there are some who can envision theater curtains - the image the copper sculpture was meant to evoke when it was commissioned for the outside wall of the city-owned Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza.
The upstage main room of the family home is edged by a faded set of theater curtains, over-earnestly pointing up what a performance this all is.
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