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(archaic) lame persons collectively

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com/articles/172451/Overgas+Denies+Receiving+Warning+Letter+from+Gazprom+on+Halt+of+Supplies">Overgas claims that it had not been informed of the halt.
Jochen Beier performed a practical demonstration of the HALT method at the local SGS HALT facility.
Place the second test unit in the HALT chamber and repeat the test profile.
The authors find that the period after the halt is associated with unusually high volatility, share volume, and number of trades that are slow to decay.
The no-halt securities declined slightly on the open while the halt securities rose.
It is encouraging to note that the reduction in excessive immune activation was achieved in only 28 days without complete viral load suppression, confirming the HALT activity of the VS411 formulation," added Dr.
The principles of this tender are as follows - Contractor ensures development of the final design based on the draft which has already been developed by Hglanden;- Contractor ensures production of the Halt Services;- Contractor ensures placement of all Halt Services and related activities;- Metropolitan Hglanden~ll Management & Maintenance and Operation Advertising separate procurement;The total amount of this contract is the supply and installation of approximately 1000 Halt Services.
From another point of view, place two like devices in the HALT chamber at the same time and run the HALT temperature stress profile.
PHOTO (1 -- 2 -- color) Traders cheer the halt of trading at the American Stock Exchange on Monday as one trader reacts to numbers on the Big Board.
The limits used in HASS testing are based on a skilled interpretation of the HALT parameters but do not exceed a product's operating limits.
It is encouraging to note that the reduction in excessive immune activation was achieved in only 28 days without complete viral load suppression," added Dr Lori, "confirming the HALT activity of the VS411 formulation.
The most abstract and sophisticated aspect of the HALT design is functional test.
The HALT process results in greater product reliability because the discovery and design optimization loop is repeated at higher and higher stress levels.
Generally speaking, when the halt is lifted the stock will see unprecedented volume and a price swing movement, either up or down, depending on the type of news that was released during the halted period.
In the meantime, ACE is responding to and is fully committed to resolving the concerns of the TSX Venture Exchange in order to ensure that there is full disclosure of the company's financial affairs with a view to moving towards an end to the halt trade.