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Synonyms for lens

genus of small erect or climbing herbs with pinnate leaves and small inconspicuous white flowers and small flattened pods: lentils

(metaphor) a channel through which something can be seen or understood

biconvex transparent body situated behind the iris in the eye

electronic equipment that uses a magnetic or electric field in order to focus a beam of electrons

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The ClearPath DS-120(TM) Lens Fluorescence Biomicroscope is cleared by FDA and has the CE mark and Canadian Device Establishment license as a tool for the measurement of autofluorescence by scanning the crystalline lens of the eye with a blue light.
It is expected that prior to treatment, the crystalline lens will swell as a result of an influx of water during long-term hyperglycaemia and lead to an increase in myopic shift.
About Presbyopia and Cataracts Presbyopia is a vision condition in which the crystalline lens of the eye loses its flexibility, which makes it difficult to focus on close objects.
The new technology extends the capabilities of standard OCT, providing a more comprehensive view of the eye which includes the cornea, retina, anterior chamber, the crystalline lens and the ciliary body and muscle.
The ClearPath DS-120 incorporates the use of proprietary biophotonic spectroscopy to detect autofluorescence of the crystalline lens of the eye.
The inlay does not impair ophthalmic assessment of the eye after it has been fitted; corneal diagnostics, gonioscopy and anterior chamber angle imaging can all be achieved with the crystalline lens easily viewed through a dilated pupil, enabling assessment of lens opacities (see Figure 3).
The stent is then placed beneath the trabecular flap offering a controlled outflow of aqueous humor, the fluid between the crystalline lens and the cornea.
He observed that for focusing on near objects, the contraction of the ciliary muscle allows a relaxation of the zonular fibres and consequently, a bulging of the crystalline lens.
Zonules are the small fibers that work in conjunction with the ciliary muscle to adjust the shape of the crystalline lens.
PLF is responsible for the typically nasal location of pterygia, and as the crystalline lens and eyelid margin are also affected, is implicated in the development of early cortical cataract and eyelid skin malignancies on the nasal side.
Securely anchored, the lens vaults forward, occupying the space between the crystalline lens and the corneal endothelium and provides for the free flow of aqueous from the posterior to the anterior chamber.
The ClearPath DS-120 is a first-in-class, non-invasive tool designed to quickly and accurately measure autofluorescence through a six second scan of the crystalline lens of the eye.
Following the format of a journey in time, he took the audience on an entertaining journey through the structures of the eye, beginning with changes in the external eye (eg, entropian/ectropian, ptosis, reduced tear production/volume, reduced pupil diameter/mobility, and changes in corneal shape), travelling through the crystalline lens (increased yellowing, which helps with UV and blue light absorption), the vitreous (synchisis and synerisis), and the retina (drusen, loss of rods centrally), and ending at the visual cortex (reduced processing ability).