the boot

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an instrument of torture that is used to heat or crush the foot and leg

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The Sergeant pointed to the boot in the footmark, without saying a word.
Now this way and now that, with an obstinate patience that was dreadful to see, Sergeant Cuff tried the boot in the footsteps, and always found it pointing the same way--straight TO the rocks.
The foam layer between the rubber sole and the upper portion of the boot not only provides greater shock absorbing capability, but it also keeps out microbes in hot, wet environments that in the past have been shown to eat away at the glues that held older boots together.
WRAP IT UP: Securing the top of each boot with a length of Vetrap (or any other brand of self-adherent, stretchy bandage, available from better pet supply stores or online) holds the boot in place and seals the top of the boot to prevent snow, dirt and rocks from getting inside.
The announcement was made on the Android Developer's blog, where Google explained the boot check mechanism used in Android Nougat.
Aside from good insulation, one quality I've found to appreciate in several boots, and even waders, is the composite shank in the sole of the boot.
Each publishes repair manuals for its various models which, along with reference to the maintenance manual for the specific type of airplane, provide maintenance instructions and set limits as to whether damage or wear can be repaired or the boot must be replaced.
The heel and toe areas of the boot had rubber reinforcements that are also sage green in color.
Since then, the custom of soldiers celebrating victories by passing the boot is still celebrated today in many bier gardens in Bavaria and throughout Germany.
So don't be shy - put the boot in this autumn and look fantastic.
Part of the beauty of image backup technology is that restores can be scripted so any authorized person can simply insert the boot CD into a dead machine and initiate a "Look Ma, No Hands
The robot inserts the injection molded aspirator part in a way that mechanically locks it to the boot during the blow molding process.
The technology, developed and patented by Trelleborg Prodyn, attaches the aspirator to the boot with a strong, dual bond that is said to enhance part quality and eliminate a production step.
The suit alleges that the boot camp, which disproportionately housed Native American youth, provided inadequate medical and mental health care and allowed staff to use excessive force.
All boots should be lined with a material that performs four tasks: making the boot more comfortable; reducing the risk of blisters; wicking sweat away from the foot; and encouraging the boot to dry out if it becomes saturated.