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It is an old story, that men sell themselves to the tempter, and sign a bond with their blood, because it is only to take effect at a distant day; then rush on to snatch the cup their souls thirst after with an impulse not the less savage because there is a dark shadow beside them for evermore.
They're seen only across, as it were, and beyond--in strange places and on high places, the top of towers, the roof of houses, the outside of windows, the further edge of pools; but there's a deep design, on either side, to shorten the distance and overcome the obstacle; and the success of the tempters is only a question of time.
Notice that the tempter prefaces his' suggestions with "If you are the Son of God.
And the detested partner probably already knows the love interest of their loved-one, because the tempter or temptress is most likely to be a close friend, a work colleague or an old flame.
And Satan, the tempter, laughed when Georgie's howls rang upon the summer air.
But every time the tempter did pop into mind while scribbling, the students had to tick a box.
By buying at 80, you can only make money if all four miss the cut, but if all four do, there's the tempter of a 50-point bonus, making a total make-up of 150.
Psalm 91, which the tempter quotes for Jesus, promises protection and long life to all who love and find their refuge in the Lord.
Sources of personal meditation--diaries and journals; devotional, biographical, and autobiographical tracts--show Johnstone's afflicted selves searching to interpret the troubles that envelop them, engaging upon dialog with the tempter discovered within, and finding ways to elude the traps of Satan's protean sophistries.
Based at the University of Cardiff, the tempter has a ready supply of test subjects: 22,000 mostly cash-poor students who, between them, catch up to 80,000 colds a year.
Even in the "valley of darkness" of which the Psalmist speaks (Ps 23:4), while the tempter prompts us to despair or to place a vain hope in the work of our own hands, God is there to guard us and sustain us.
Tenor Gary Rideout sang with great precision as the Tempter, savoring the subtleties of coloring and dynamics that underscore this character's cunning.
The tempter also insults their intellectual and spiritual competence, saying that one of the sisters, Soma, has only a woman's "'two-finger intelligence' (enough to use a common and simple way of measuring rice).