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Synonyms for Libra

(astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Libra

a small faint zodiacal constellation in the southern hemisphere

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the seventh sign of the zodiac

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The last dollar had been spent, the last resource and the last starving patriot milked dry, and the great adventure still trembled on the scales.
So saying, Joe, with enthusiasm, took his place on the scales, and very nearly upset them in his ready haste.
He dropped his head to the scale and resumed the copying.
Iwanich put the fox's hairs with the scale and the feather, and as it was getting dark he hastened home with his horses.
He drew the scale from his pocket, and hurrying to the river he threw it in.
For example, among the Band-lu were such types as So-ta, who seemed to me to be the highest in the scale of evolution, and To-jo, who was just a shade nearer the ape, while there were others who had flatter noses, more prognathous faces and hairier bodies.
The scales are displayed together on shelves with back stock in cupboards because they have a high theft quotient.
In examining the face-to-face course responses, student preferences compared to their actual perceptions, data indicated that on the scales of Personal Relevance (Preferred m=4.
If local hydrologic conditions can be monitored or modeled at the scales at which these conditions affect the population dynamics of vector mosquitoes and the diseases they transmit, a means for monitoring or modeling mosquito populations and mosquitoborne disease transmission may be realized.
However, these indicators will also require considerable development in the areas of a) providing linkages with single and multiple stressors; b) exploration of analytical techniques to integrate and synthesize multiple biological signals from species or functional groups within the biological community; c) parsing these multivariate responses among stressors and over varying spatial scales; and d) providing explicit spatial or temporal scales for the indicators which are consistent with the scales of management actions (Niemi and McDonald, in press).
Variable speed drives are then used to adjust the product flow according to the requirements of the scales.
After appropriate analytical investigation, if evidence arises that measures of student progress are indeed influenced by positions on the scales, then statistical accommodation would be required within the value-added modeling process.
As we began working with the keys in which her songs were written, she simply poked around on the piano with her pointer finger, singing the scales with her lovely lyric voice.
A set of measurement scales is ipsative when the sum (or mean) of the scores obtained across the scales for each person is a constant.
We used calibrated laboratory weights to judge accuracy and, with a few exceptions, found all the scales tested to be accurate.
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