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Synonyms for Libra

(astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Libra

a small faint zodiacal constellation in the southern hemisphere

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the seventh sign of the zodiac

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Havlek explained that they resorted to putting signage on their kitchen scale display noting the scales are not suitable for measuring fractions of a gram.
On the scales of Instructor Support (Preferred m=4.
Before hydrologic factors are used to monitor and forecast mosquitoborne disease transmission, the scales at which the disease system responds to hydrologic variability, as well as the scales at which hydrologic variability can be monitored, must be considered.
If indicators are to be used effectively in management, it is necessary that we know the relevant scale(s), so that the scale of management actions matches the scale of the phenomena being measured (Hobbs 1998).
The positive pressure differential between the rotary feeder and the scale provides the motive force for material transfer.
I also expressed concern that test score scales lack an essential property for comparing test-score gains: an interval of, say, 50 points at one point on the scale cannot be assumed to represent the same achievement growth as a 50-point interval elsewhere on the scale.
The tonality of the piece and the printed signature result from the scale or mode the composer has used during composition.
As noted earlier, one can construct ipsative measures from normative ones using conventional Likert scaled items, without using forced-choice item designs, simply by subtracting each individual's mean score across the scales from each scale score.
One recurring problem is how the scales are set to zero.
Stage two involved writing individual items within the scales.
Every exquisite pattern on a quivering wing reflects the special properties of the scales that combine, like pixels on a television screen, to create the overall design.
Most significant among the scales supported by the SM95 is the Dynamic Scale, Neopost's in-motion scale released in January.
In order to test the score validity of MacIntyre and Gardner's (1994a) Input Anxiety Scale, Processing Anxiety Scale, and Output Anxiety Scale, in relation to its measure of anxiety at each of these three stages of foreign language learning, Onwuegbuzie, Bailey, and Daley (1999a), administered the scales to 258 university students.
Mulhern and Rae (1998) identified only six factors, and suggested that the scales might not gauge what they were intended to measure.
The first two panels were involved in the construction of the scales and protocol.
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