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(Roman Catholic Church) the supreme ecclesiastical tribunal for cases appealed to the Holy See from diocesan courts

a roster of names showing the order in which people should perform certain duties

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Clwyd West AM Mr Millar added: "In addition, the gaps in the rota at Denbighshire's hospital in Bodelwyddan have actually reduced since the health board first proposed making changes earlier in the year.
In combination with our finding of nests between March and July and one instance of nest building in September, these observations suggest the Rota White-eye nesting season may extend as long as 10 months from December to September, and breeding may even occur year-round (Amidon et al.
While the command and control efforts were tasked to Fleet and Industrial Supply Center Sigonella's Rota personnel, the operation was really a team effort for the Rota community.
Sealed to eliminate encroachment of chips and swarf, with standard options for automated part recognition in unmanned operations, the ROTA NCO is also available with media feedthrough capabilities.
She was informed that the rota change was permanent and if this was not acceptable to her, she would have to resign.
I had a small connection with the Rota firm, far too small to be mentioned in Books in the Blood, but it may be worth recounting as it tends to reinforce the impression of integrity and discretion manifest in the book.
After three days of intense training provided by the DOD Manned Space Flight Support Office to the Rota Space Shuttle Medical Support Team, an emergency NASA space shuttle landing drill recently took place on the tarmac at Naval Station Rota.
Egan, a canon lawyer, had served full time as a judge of the Rota for 12 years.
The Rota wheel was busily rotating forward and backward.
She said that she quit her pounds 13,100-a-year job because only female secretaries were on the rota.
Even the fact that the Rota overturned over 90% of the appeals made to it from the United States has had no observable effect.
As part of the 40th Anniversary Qatar-Japan celebrations, a group of 40 Japanese students took part in the ROTA Wheels 'n' Heels Community Fun Day in March, making a presentation which outlined how Japan is recovering after the March 2011 tsunami.
A Telekom delegation introduced the Rota tower - 15 kilometers from Afio.
Besides, the Rota has recently been successful in raising an amount of QR220,000 through a sohour fundraiser," informed Mannai.
Educators have the opportunity to join the Rota Knowledge Network and benefit from professional development to further develop their professional skills and implement meaningful online projects supporting their teaching.