the Irish Famine

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a famine in Ireland resulting from a potato blight

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The result is a visual experience of the Irish Famine which most scholars can only ever dream about.
The economic relations created between Ireland and England by the Acts of Union arguably created the groundwork for the Irish Famine, and this is the aspect of that history which is most strongly represented in Tynan's novel.
Christine Kinealy a world-renowned authority on the Irish Famine, will deliver the lecture, "Fifty Years of the Great Hunger: The Remarkable Legacy of Cecil Woodham-Smith," at 7 p.
Duncan Smith, well-heeled, wellconnected, urbane, seems like those gangmasters who, in the Irish Famine times, made peasants earn their gruel by digging pits, then refilling them; a vast enterprise in futility.
THE past two years have been the worst for late-blight disease in potatoes since the Irish famine in the 1840s.
But the striker's comments were portrayed as a reference to a sectarian chant relating to the Irish famine sung by Glasgow Rangers fans, which has hit the headlines.
This is especially true of drastic events like the Irish famine, which English-speaking writers of our time are not likely to have experienced.
who tried to give value to their suffering by studying the effects of hunger, and examines other historical times of hunger, including the Irish famine and the Dutch Hunger Winter.
The musical is a dramatic account of the Irish famine.
In 1847, he had to make his ad limina visit to the Holy See, where the new Pope Pius IX entrusted him with his letter on the Irish famine.
The Irish Famine Orphans of the Thomas Arbuthnot 1845-1850 (Yass, 1996).
He told the story of a 10-year-old girl who was found dead along the side of the road at the height of the Irish famine.
Tony Blair apologised for the Irish famine and he wasn't even born then.
For the captain and crew, it was a return to its place of origin and its distinguished role in transporting emigrants escaping the Irish famine in the mid-19th century.
A grant from the New Jersey Council for the Humanities recently underwrote a free week of public activities focusing on the Irish Famine of 1846 to 1850 at Camden County College in Blackwood, N.