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Corporate accountants increasingly began to impose their protocols on the indies.
When the screeners ban became an instant edict, suddenly the indies were shouting: "How about us?
Nonetheless, the speed and finality with which the initial ban was perpetrated has left the indies with a keen sense of apprehension about the future.
Miramax, by far the most successful of the indies, will likely release 10 fewer titles next year than this year's 42 to 44.
The single biggest factor driving the over-supply of films was last year's Academy Awards (ceremony), when `The English Patient' swept and four of the five Best Picture nominees were from the indies,'' Gill said.
The proliferation of megaplexes hasn't been a particular benefit to the indies, either, according to analyst Tim Baskerville.
Last sentence should read: xxx the overwhelming support that has followed from the Indies Trader Company, Billabong, New Zealand Aid and Australia Aid, plus government agencies, other companies and individuals," continued Griffiths.
The Indies Trader II, sister ship to the Quiksilver Crossing's Indies Trader, has been utilized as a mobile headquarters for the effort with independent communications system and water purification capabilities.
The indies suffered under the emergence of a more business-minded BBC led by Greg Dyke.
Another problem for the indies is that studios have diversified their offerings.
Miramax marketing chief Mark Gill points out that his Disney-owned operation, the longtime leader of the indies, took in $250 million last year and is on pace for about the same figure this year with $180 million so far.
Launching an international effort designed to empower the global surf community to provide aid to those stricken by Asia's tsunami, relief organization SurfAid International will benefit from The Quiksilver Foundation's recently established Nias Fund, supporting the relief efforts of SurfAid and the Indies Trader Company; the first beneficiaries of the new fund.
The Indies Trader -- sister boat to Quiksilver's The Crossing exploration -- will serve as SurfAid's mobile headquarters in Nias.
Meanwhile, the indies have been gloating that they now make the films Hollywood used to thrive on better than the studios do.
The very fact that ``The English Patient'' and ``Shine'' are being compared to past winners ``Lawrence of Arabia'' and ``Rain Man'' tells us the indies were more interested in mainstream recognition than in nurturing unique visions last year.