the Great Hunger

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a famine in Ireland resulting from a potato blight

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In addition, as director of the Ireland's Great Hunger Institute at Quinnipiac, Christine will perform scholarly research and organize academic conferences that, along with Ireland's Great Hunger Museum at Quinnipiac, will enhance Quinnipiac's growing reputation as the preeminent authority on the Great Hunger.
The Great Hunger is an accessible yet balanced account of the Famine, which, though severely critical of the administrative response to the Famine, is careful not to let its criticism dominate the narrative.
The 4,750-square-foot museum will offer a unique opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds to explore the largely unrepresented, unspoken and unresolved causes and consequences of the Great Hunger, as well as to appreciate the art that it continues to inspire.
In exploring the relationship of the event to its contexts, including contemporary mid-century, the Free State nexus, and Ireland's present and future generations, McLean advances several prerequisites for consideration of the Great Hunger as a watershed between the past and the present, and as the pre-eminent modern Irish cultural signifier.
The idea came from The Great Hunger Commemoration Committee, founded to remember the thousands of Irish people who fled to Liverpool between 1845 and 1852 to escape the potato famine.
That may be why the New York State Curriculum has come under the gun for not setting forth that the Great Hunger was guaranteed by the planned intransigency of the British Government Because of this supposed failure, Murphy is sometimes pilloried for political correctness.
Nevertheless, Eagleton has long been a player on the Irish scene, where he is a controversial presence both on the island itself and among the Irish community at Oxford, even if his major published attentions, both creative and academic, have come rather late in his career, most notably the collection of essays titled Heathcliff and the Great Hunger in 1996.
THE Irish potato famine of the late 1840's - The Great Hunger - reduced the country's population by over two million.
More than 150 years after the Great Hunger sent tens of thousands of desperate immigrants scurrying to the New World, being Irish-American still means being stranded between past and future.
During the Great Hunger, exports continued while the Irish starved, a fact seared in the Irish memory.
This essay posits a challenge to the continued reading of The Great Hunger (1942) as a realist depiction of the Irish small-farming class in the nineteen forties.
Like many people from large Liverpudlian families I have some Irish ancestry that dates back to the time of the Great Hunger, and I've always been aware of this.
It's the great hunger he still has to learn and to improve.
Exports of food and live stock from Ireland actually increased during the years of the Great Hunger.
They brewed precious barley into stout for export as the country's population suffered the horrors of the Great Hunger.