the Flood

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(Biblical) the great deluge that is said in the Book of Genesis to have occurred in the time of Noah

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My orders were obeyed by nearer thirty utans, so that some three thousand men came about and hastened into the teeth of the flood to reach the corridor up which I directed them.
After a long time the river cleared, and those that came down it had been clearly drowned by the floods, as I could well see; and though it was not so easy then to get food, I was heartily glad of it.
He selected from the vast mass of detail with an artist's touch, drawing pictures of life that glowed and burned with light and color, injecting movement so that his listeners surged along with him on the flood of rough eloquence, enthusiasm, and power.
He was a harp; all life that he had known and that was his consciousness was the strings; and the flood of music was a wind that poured against those strings and set them vibrating with memories and dreams.
Say--I'll tell you, I'm goin' out on this ebb to Goat Island for rockcod, an' I'll come in on the flood this evening.
These thoughts so oppressed my mind that I began to give over my enterprise; and having hauled my boat into a little creek on the shore, I stepped out, and sat down upon a rising bit of ground, very pensive and anxious, between fear and desire, about my voyage; when, as I was musing, I could perceive that the tide was turned, and the flood come on; upon which my going was impracticable for so many hours.
The Catholics, bad harvests, and the mysterious fluctuations of trade were the three evils mankind had to fear; even the floods had not been great of late years.
This investment contributed towards the completion of a number of works, including the construction of a flood storage reservoir at Weedon and significant improvements on the flood defences at Far Cotton and St James.
He was presiding over a meeting to review the flood fighting arrangements in Faisalabad division at Commissioner Office here.
A: If you live in a flood area, go to the Flood Re website to find out if your current insurers are signed up to the scheme.
There should also be an end to building new homes in flood-risk areas, to prevent communities living in "constant fear of flooding", the Association of British Insurers (ABI) said, as it launched the Flood Free Homes campaign.
There are four key stages of flood resilience to consider: Prevention, Preparation, Response and Recovery, and for the flood risk area of Kinmel Bay and Towyn we have a recent website www.
org/flooding - advises property owners to undertake a more accurate assessment of the flood risk to their property.
The insurance industry reached an agreement with the previous government under which it would continue to offer flood cover to existing customers in areas that were at risk, as long as the flood risk was being adequately managed.
The flood peak of 600,000 to 700,000 (Exceptionally High Flood Level) is likely to pass through Kotri sometime on August 10-11.