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Synonyms for thawing

the process whereby heat changes something from a solid to a liquid

warm weather following a freeze

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GE Healthcare introduced the first in its VIA Thaw series, the VIA Thaw CB1000 for thawing large volumes of cell therapies cryopreserved in cryo-bags.
US-based cell thawing automation specialist MedCision, LLC and biotechnology company Athersys, Inc.
Taken together, these previous observations could lead us postulate that not only each aging, freezing and/or thawing process itself has impacts on meat quality attributes, but also the sequence (or combination) of each process may result in different quality characteristics of frozen/thawed meat.
Frost heave, thaw collapse and frost soil are several phenomena arising when soil body of sub-grade is under load effect of trains during the freezing and thawing process, and they have close inner links.
One main factor of durability deterioration is caused by freezing and thawing, and the freeze-thaw damage caused by the expansion stress in concrete is more serious under the coupling environment of freeze-thaw and saturated water [7, 8].
This approach is essentially universal, and just as common is the anecdotal knowledge passed on to each new member of the laboratory staff that repeated cycles of thawing and re-freezing nucleic acid samples leads to sample degradation.
Contract notice: Consultancy services winter operations thawing methods.
The researchers showed the organism and its close relatives live not just in thawing permafrost, but in many other methane-producing habitats worldwide.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 5, 2012-Pluristem Therapeutics Inc's new point-of-care thawing device to provide uniform PLX cell product across every dose(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
LONG-FROZEN microorganisms in the Artic permafrost could help to reduce the impact on global climate of the soils' thawing, according to a new study.
The automatic and versatile cycling between setpoints enables rapid simulation of the real world conditions scientistsneed to replicate freezing and thawing during product testing.
Thawing of frozen semen was performed after 24 hours of cryopreservation at 37degC for 30 seconds.
After temperatures hit a high of 8C yesterday, clerk of the course Emma Marley said: "We had a nice thawing day today.
Freezing and thawing maternal milk before feeding it to extremely preterm infants does not reduce either transmission of cytomegalovirus or the severity of infection when it occurs, according to the findings of a Swedish trial that is the first to look at this issue in a randomized fashion.
Loss of sea ice, melting of snow, and thawing of permafrost in the circumpolar Arctic will cost the world $2.