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He writes, too, that to Iamblichus, "Mystagogue and thaumaturgist that he was .
In Rajasthan, according to Beni Gupta, a Baniya engaged a thaumaturgist skilled in the black arts to dig a long, deep pit.
Lamia:) Some months after I lost sight of her, I learned by chance that she had attached herself to a small company of men and women who were followers of a young Galilean thaumaturgist.
Priscilla's character derives from Hawthorne's notes on his experience at Brook Farm and his familiarity with occult performances of prestidigitators, ventriloquists, thaumaturgists, and traveling conjurors.
Here, too, Heintz develops his major thesis, to wit, that the primary targets of this rhetorical use of "magic" were prophetic thaumaturgists (called "divine men" or theioi andres by other scholars), i.