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having, brought about by, or relating to supernatural powers or magic

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Baer, "Black Spiritual Churches: Thaumaturgical Responses to Racism and Social Stratification," in African American Religious Studies: An Interdisciplinary Anthology, ed.
The former was a thaumaturgical text to which many of the miracles in the Talmud were tied.
Her puzzlement dramatises the thaumaturgical response ending in the Cattle-Killing episode which gives impetus to the plot of the novel.
Such was the first miracle of the thaumaturgical image.
Overall in this chapter, Kieschnick again approaches a tricky subject carefully, and ends up explaining the presence of so many thaumaturgical and miraculous elements in the narratives by reference to "a fascination with the marvelous," a "thirst for the exotic," and a "sense of wonder" (p.