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Synonyms for thaumaturgic

having, brought about by, or relating to supernatural powers or magic

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But as regards China's bullying and territory grabbing, we have yet to gather in faith and prayer, to seek the thaumaturgic power of one that cometh forth as the morning rising, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army set in array.
For, to someone disinterested, interest appears symptomatic of yearning for the thaumaturgic sangha.
Some Indo-Fijians practice thaumaturgic firewalking associated with rituals of self mutilation to overcome personal illness or a misfortune in the household.
Rather, Goli had a crush on the school bus driver, a man from the lower class, and was confident in his allegedly thaumaturgic powers.
Because of his elect status and thaumaturgic powers, Dowie's rule over the city included dictating to all citizens everything from how they should vote in presidential elections to whom they should marry.
Instead, Peres waved his thaumaturgic wand towards donors, the
9) Delicado's anti-heroine embodies this kind of ironic connection between physical and spiritual sickness as well as convalescence, as she parodies the thaumaturgic power of the Virgin Mary and other female saints.
3) The sovereign's love for this collection went so far that, in an effort to imitate the holy martyrs and transfer their thaumaturgic power to his own person, he asked, during his final days, to have relics corresponding to his aching limbs directly applied to his open wounds.
Indeed, the majority of miracles done at medieval saints' shrines were thaumaturgic ones.
In short, for Novalis' critical physics and thaumaturgic idealism, matters of medicine and illness, along with questions of vice and law, are not remote from either politics, religion, or art.
To the extent that the subjects can be brought to fear not only the ruler's superior force, but also his supernatural powers or authority--brought, in Harold Berman's words, to a "belief in his sacred character and thaumaturgic powers" (1983, 406)--the ruler gains an enormous edge in overawing them.
The result is a story lacking the explosions and chase scenes of The Island and the thaumaturgic comedy of Rowling, a story more focused on how human beings, even when steeped in a horrific reality, will find ways to rationalize the horror and squeeze some semblance of life from whatever constrained existence they are allowed.
One must not, however, take the point too far; relics were also, even to simple adherents, triggers of remembrance--that is, mnemonic as well as thaumaturgic.
I have seen the miraculous, the thaumaturgic, the very toes of
Instead, in the prophetic idiom of a visionary, he hails it as a new branch of knowledge and foreshadows for it a thaumaturgic role at the service of all critical activity that involves thinking.