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Synonyms for thanks

Synonyms for thanks

a short prayer said at meals

Words related to thanks

an acknowledgment of appreciation

with the help of or owing to

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Just some of the topics covered on the Thanks To U website include "Thanks so much to the taxi driver who returned my wallet ," "Thank you to the stranger who found my injured cat and took her to the vets ," "A million thanks to the off-duty nurse who saved my son's life ," and simply, "Thank you to my wonderful dad for washing my car every week
Grateful thanks to all the staff at Aden Mount Care Home for their kindness and attention given to Colin over the past 4 years.
Thank you on behalf of the 1,000 children you rendered disabled, the 1,500 who were orphaned and the 360,000 Gazans with mental health problems as a result of this war, on whose behalf I thank you because they cannot for now.
Special thanks to Warwickshire Ambulance Service, Princethorpe College, Woodlands Academy and City College Coventry.
Special thanks to staff of Wansbeck Hospital and the District Nurses from Seaton Park Medical Group for the care given, also Rev'd Sue Nicol for her comforting words.
HUNTER John My sincere thanks to relatives, friends and neighbours for help, cards, donations and for attending the funeral.
thanks to 1 : with the help of <I'll be able to attend college thanks to Mom and Dad.
Scottish and Newcastle say ban will cost pounds 10m and some more copy goes into this space in here for this thanks very muchindeedy and some more into here thanks
While I understand many congregations do give thanks it is sad to know that many more do not.
I expect a gesture of thanks when I do so, but all too frequently there is no "thank you" at all.
Thank you to Bobbi Pasternak and Stephanie Schueler, who have spent many years quietly assisting us with our website.
Thanks to the great gray owls that came down from Canada last winter to offer birdwatchers like me beauty in the snow.
And of course, at the end, we give thanks to soougwioodeessuteh, higher consciousness, the essence of Creator.