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We cannot all be reptiles, we cannot all be fossils; we have to take what comes and be thankful it is no worse.
THAT do I take as the best sign: they become thankful.
Then thankful let it be, if you like the word better, my good girl,-- but what has become of Nelly and the young?
Why, we might lose it if he didn't speak up and show he was thankful and grateful.
He was thankful to have someone to talk to who would interest himself in the things that interested him.
Come as often as you like," Anne responded heartily, thankful that one of Roy's sisters was likable.
There is people who take money for their hospitality, I've heerd, but I'm thankful to say I don't associate with that class.
Well, I'm thankful we're out of THAT," said Felicity, drawing a long breath.
I was so thankful there were no Methodists there that day--they'd never have been done hooting over it.
Well, you've got no call to be prayin', any more than swearin', in the middle of the road," said Miranda; "but I'm thankful it's no worse.
If it won't do any good to make the thing known," said Nancy, who thought she might now allow herself the relief of entertaining a feeling which she had tried to silence before, "I should be very thankful for father and Priscilla never to be troubled with knowing what was done in the past, more than about Dunsey: it can't be helped, their knowing that.
If he be thankful for small benefits, it shows that he weighs men's minds, and not their trash.
Now do you lie down close by the child, and pretend to be watching it, and I will come out of the wood and run away with it; you must run after me as fast as you can, and I will let it drop; then you may carry it back, and they will think you have saved their child, and will be so thankful to you that they will take care of you as long as you live.
But, when I heard the Sunday bells, and looked around a little more upon the outspread beauty, I felt that I was not nearly thankful enough - that I was too weak yet, to be even that - and I laid my head on Joe's shoulder, as I had laid it long ago when he had taken me to the Fair or where not, and it was too much for my young senses.
She may come to feel the vally of a man as 'ud be thankful to be bound to her all his life.