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a conversational expression of gratitude

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Sai Ashman Thank-you mummy for making cakes with me.
Emily Bermingham Thank-you mummy for looking after me.
Finn Bloomfield Thank-you mummy for looking after me.
Tinotenda Chiwarawara Thank-you for buying me a birthday cake.
Ellie-Louise Greaves Thank-you for getting me ice-cream.
Emily Horsley Thank-you for helping me and kissing me.
Guveer Malhi Thank-you for helping me to make cupcakes.
A cake-cutting ceremony, small gifts and thank-you cards started DARW at Vicenza, and later in the week doctors served a full breakfast catered by a local restaurant.
s breakfast where they were presented with a thank-you card and a unit coin.
Do you know why it is important to write thank-you notes?