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a conversational expression of gratitude

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I thank you heartily again and am proud to think of the Rouncewells as they'll be founded by you.
We thank you for the use of your cabin, and are sorry that you did not permit us the pleasure of seeing and thanking you in person.
We sail within the hour, never to return; but we wish you and that other jungle friend to know that we shall always thank you for what you did for strangers on your shore, and that we should have done infinitely more to reward you both had you given us the opportunity.
I thank you for your good opinion, sir,' said Sim, much gratified,
But the toast could not be rejected and when it had been drunk, Arthur said, "I thank you, both for my grandfather and myself; and now there is one more thing I wish to tell you, that you may share my pleasure about it, as I hope and believe you will.
I -- I can never thank you enough for these letters.
I'm sorry I was cross, uncle, when I ought to thank you for taking so much interest in me.
I HASTEN to thank you, dear Miss Roseberry, for your last kind letter, received by yesterday's mail from Canada.
If you would set my mind at rest with the assurance that you will interpose with the father and save this harmless girl, close that book before you return it to me, and I shall know what you mean, and deeply thank you in my heart.
Well, thank you so much," she repeated, "How quickly these accidents do happen, and then one returns to the old life
Perfectly satisfied, I thank you," was the quiet reply.
My mind is quite made up, thank you, on this and all other matters concerning which I have given you instructions," was the calm reply.
Having said so many gushing thank yous to Cameron (Miliband just got the one, didn't he?
A few special thank yous : To Rob and Bill for donating the Strand's marque to help us advertise.
The Thank A Million Teachers website is continuously accepting the public's thank yous and continuously posts a live tally of the number of "thank yous" received.