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a conversational expression of gratitude

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In his acceptance speech, he said, "These moments in life usually call for an entire litany of thank yous.
Put, again, your hands in your lap, knitted together, and send up instead all the thank yous for what will come.
Lassally awkwardly paced behind him, saying a few quick thank yous after Standfield exited the stage.
wp is sta just Si "salvage August" by "The truth of the matter idon't know where to start with thank yous, we're massively grateful.
Tamer, touched by her kind gesture, tweeted Cyrine saying, "A thousand thank yous, Cyrine, you're the sweetest.
Massive thank yous to everyone at Ireland and Newcastle for looking after me so brilliantly last 24 hours.
Having said so many gushing thank yous to Cameron (Miliband just got the one, didn't he?
A few special thank yous : To Rob and Bill for donating the Strand's marque to help us advertise.
ON behalf of the Allesley Festival Committee I would like to say a few brief thank yous.
ere are so many thank yous that I need to give and I know I'm bound to miss some people out.
Super7 will be handing out more thank yous to people across the UAE in the coming days.
And a keg full of thank yous to all who have played a role in floating the SweetWater boat," Mr.
The list of thank yous would fill this letters column.
As part of my year in office I have been out to thank all the emergency services for the way that they do their work and look after us because they may not get too many thank yous.
Using friendly smiles and polite thank yous, they persuaded racegoers to part with more than pounds 3,000, which is destined for Dunwoody's challenge fund.