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the middle of the chief navigable channel of a waterway that forms the boundary line between states

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a line following the lowest points of a valley

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Eigenvector III demonstrates that percent instream cover and average thalweg depth, mean velocity of the stream, and average DO accounts for 19 percent of the variance.
But the strongest argument endorsed against the claim of the sovereignty of the country to the Thalweg line of Arvand River.
My friend can dream up a thalweg and sleep easily 'til dawn.
While at one point in history, the Thalweg of the Shatt al-Arab river between the two left the entire river in Iraqi hands, a 1975 treaty moved the Thalweg to the midpoint of the river.
The river's islands in particular regularly change size and location, increase and disappear depending on water levels, thereby affecting the location of the main navigable channel, or thalweg, used as the line demarcating the international boundary.
through the floodplain, thalweg and anthropogenic river bed geotops.
At each site, stream physiochemical parameters were measured in the stream thalweg including pH, dissolved oxygen concentration, turbidity, total dissolved solids (TDS), and temperature using a Hydrolab minisonde equipped with an LDO oxygen sensor.
The design of one drainage system, for instance, was based on the concept of a thalweg, the lowest contour line for a particular location and the path of water flow.
Delaware, the Court applied an international principle, the doctrine of the thalweg, to ascertain the location of the states' border in the Delaware River.
But the actual text of the decision seemed to suggest that the boundary was through the middle of the creek, as per the international law's ' Thalweg principle'.
the Bend was once on the thalweg, or primary channel, of the Mississippi River.
performs works in the riverbed at a distance of less than 1 km upstream, respectively 2 km downstream of bridges, leading to lowering the thalweg in the bridges area, without the approval of the administrator of the road on which the bridge is situated.
Pueblo viejo es una aglomeracion de viejas construcciones en PIRCA situadas sobre una planicie escarpada, de 30m aproximadamente de altura por encima del thalweg de la pequena quebrada de Sorcuyo .