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A model Thalassemia Centre will be established at Abbottabad by the owner of Kashif Iqbal Thalassemia Centre Karachi while addressing the seminar and had also announced the donation of Ambulance for the local centre and blood analyzer to provide the immediate blood screening facility to the patients with the help of local centre which is already working in Abbottabad.
Director of Thalassemia Center Valeh Huseynov said it plays a crucial role in treating people with thalassemia.
The organizers described the initiatives taken by the Punjab government for the prevention of thalassemia.
Unfortunately, high-ups of health department Sindh has failed to set up these centers despite lapse of over two years as government has not allocated funds for these thalassemia centers as yet.
Beta thalassemia trait (also called beta thalassemia minor or beta thalassemia carrier state) is a benign, heterozygous condition that can be distinguished from the more severe beta thalassemia syndromes (intermedia and major) by clinical and laboratory features.
Rabbani in his review has pointed that, in beta globin gene there are more than 800 described variants worldwide which can result in beta thalassemia (24,25).
Every year 5,000 children are diagnosed with thalassemia which is becoming a major health challenge in the country.
Sri Lanka Navy, the sole supplier of Thalassemia Infusion Systems has thus far distributed 1521 Thalassemia Infusion Systems among thalassemia patients spending funds allocated through the Navys Community Development and Social Responsibility Fund.
Fifty one percent of beta thalassemia trait patients had coexistent iron deficiency.
KARACHI -- On the occasion of World Thalassemia Day, EFU Life Assurance Ltd, the leading life insurer in Pakistan, joined hands with Afzaal Memorial Thalesemmia Foundation (AMTF) for a blood donation drive at its Head office.
Background and Objective: Alpha (a) thalassemia is a hereditary disorder and is caused by deletions or mutations in globin genes.
Objective: To determine the status of thyroid functions in patients of b Thalassemia Major, reporting to OPD of Military Hospital, Rawalpindi.
Hardy-Weinberg Analysis, a technique adopted from genetics, was used to identify the number of thalassemia major and thalassemia minor patients in the population.
The country's flagship OMC, Pakistan State Oil has teamed up with Afzaal Memorial Thalassemia Foundation (AMTF) in its fight against Thalassemia.
The session was followed by a blood donation drive at the PSO House where the company's employees donated blood for children suffering from Thalassemia with great fervor.