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having surface roughness

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Two of the most common soy meat extenders--textured soy flour and textured soy concentrate--are often confused.
Open-weave linen is particularly textured and interesting for apparel.
Now a consultant to the textile industry on textured yarns, he sets down what he has learned during his 30 years in the field, providing an overview of the properties and applications of draw textured yarns.
After the texturizing paste has dried, cover the entire surface with the heavily textured material (for the all-over grainy texture).
5 micro-inches for a highly polished mirror finish for optical-grade products, up to Ra 50 or 60 micro-inches for satin-finished products, or possibly as much as Ra 300 micro-inches for embossed or coarsely textured products.
Researchers at Utah State University (Department of Nutrition and Food Science, UMC 8700, Logan, UT 84322) are targeting manufacturers who traditionally use textured vegetable protein (TVP).
In a similar way to the procedure employed in many other texture analysis methods, an [omega] scan from the textured spec imen is divided by an [omega] scan from an untextured sample of the same material to give the texture profile in "multiples of a random distribution" (MRD).
tools or fishes) using contour shape measured as elastic deformations of a contour; by appearance (the program can find faces using a small number of principal components); and texture (the program uses a texture representation to find textured swatches of material) (Pentland et al.
If you prefer a lower-tech approach, try The Farm's unflavored textured vegetable protein (TVP), made from soy.
On the other hand, high-gloss paint finishes are hard to achieve if the surface has been over textured.
com/research/a61ed2ce/false_twist_textur) has announced the addition of Woodhead Publishing Ltd's book "False Twist Textured Yarns: Principles, Processing and Applications" to their offering.
This, the fourth lesson in this series, uses actual texture as a source for rubbings, which are cut into shapes and arranged to form a T, thereby creating a letter made up of several different textured transfers.
Another advantage of textured wallpaper is its ability to subtly reflect light, Marsten said.
Subsequent tool hardening can be achieved by placing explosive sheet directly against the textured metal part, which modifies its surface without causing microscopic damage.
Effects of texture on processing of subsequent layers deposited upon a textured template