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And so he praised the cloth which he did not see, and expressed to them his delight at the beautiful colours and the splendid texture.
GOUDA - Of Dutch origin, a mild cheese with a light yellow color, a firm texture and slightly buttery flavor.
Abundant new color, texture, and tactile options are available in such products as toothbrushes, razors, power tools, cameras, kitchen items, hand-held electronics, and auto-interior parts.
Panelists' scores for texture, beef flavor and overall acceptability for samples containing 30% and 40% textured whey were not significantly different from the all-beef control.
The applications in which the texture of the material plays a key role in determining the properties and performance are broad: Al and Cu interconnects in integrated circuits, complex oxides in random access memory devices, and metallic alloys in magnetic recording media are but a few examples.
These products can provide meat-like texture, mouthfeel and visual appearance, while dramatically reducing formulation costs, boosting yield and, in many applications, improving performance.
The low-odor Pro Grade Orange Peel Ceiling Texture dries in about 30 to 60 minutes, depending on humidity, allowing contractors to quickly move to the next job.
19 -- This is a code sample originally written by William Guo, and extended to include the ETC2 texture compression format by Cristiano Ferreira, Graphics Software Applications Engineer at Intel Corporation.
In order to help contractors increase productivity, the Homax brand offers PRO GRADE popcorn ceiling texture products with INVISIBLE REPAIR capabilities that simplify popcorn ceiling repair and provide a time-saving solution.
Template F Cut 4 each Yellow texture, pink texture, blue texture, and green texture
When you think about texture in apparel, you might think mostly about fall, when wool, tweed, velvet and satin are appropriate seasonal fabrics.
Texture and anisotopy of polycrystals III; proceedings.
In the last years many researchers have focused their efforts on the study of tactile texture perception as a result of their expanding interest in the fields of psychophysics, neuroscience, and computational modelling (LaMotte & Srinivasan, 1991), (Connor & Johnson, 1992), (Lederman & Klatzky, 2006).