textual criticism

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comparison of a particular text with related materials in order to establish authenticity

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The study of the variant, regarded as a cognitive artefact, provides material and textual information about the historical evolution of the written language and the role it has in cultural and cognitive development: "Modern textual criticism .
Bushell's first chapter provides a lucid explanation of Anglo-American, German and French approaches to textual criticism.
Quoting former evangelist and now well-respected New Testament scholar, Bart Ehrman, who recently acknowledged that we "don't even know what the original words of the Bible actually were," Avalos concludes that textual criticism cannot survive as a useful scholarly discipline because it centers on the search for an original text that simply doesn't exist.
This volume constitutes essential reading for anyone engaged in textual criticism or the editing of early modern drama.
The specter haunting textual criticism," Hayles writes, "is the nightmare that one cannot then define a 'text' at all, for every manifestation will qualify as a different text.
10) On issues related to multiple authorial intentions, see James Thorpe, Principles of Textual Criticism, San Marino, 1972, 42-48; G.
Here I turn to the specific discipline of textual criticism which has changed and developed through the years.
Fourth, the historical Bible of the Enlightenment, epitomized by Johann David Michaelis's thirteen-volume translation of the Old Testament, moved beyond textual criticism to accentuate through historical, archaeological, philological, and anthropological studies the chasm between the ancient and modern worlds.
The New Oxford Annotated Bible offers a wealth of commentaries and supplemental materials that allow readers to explore textual criticism and read about the various interpretations of the Bible.
Lachmann, Karl (Konrad Friedrich Wilhelm), founder of modern textual criticism (Britannica)
10) Despite the efforts of logic choppers and number crunchers to persuade us otherwise, the real subject of textual criticism is individual and collective human activity.
And the suggestion that textual criticism could break up the Anglican Church is no idle threat.
The Word Biblical Commentary is an academic series that includes a fresh translation from the Hebrew text, textual criticism, review of previous scholarship, and a verse-by-verse commentary.
Anthony Daniels describes Soyinka's "attempts at angry eloquence [as] merely flatulent," while Mpalive Msiskia asserts that the book will "delight the student of literature for the beauty of its prose and its combination of cultural and textual criticism.