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(computer science) a computer file that contains text (and possibly formatting instructions) using seven-bit ASCII characters

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Output as a text file and save on file system or get text stream to be used by any other application
Now that you have a general understanding of what a delimited text file looks like, let's talk more about how the information is selected, formatted, exported, and imported into a separate management system.
When your World Wide Web browsing software reads the text file of a page you've asked to see, the software reads the instructions and the names of the other files needed to build the page.
As a word processor text file, it might be called TEST; as an Applesoft file you can name it TEST 1.
Then you need two startup text files from the darkest days of DOS that may or may not exist in the root directory of the drive from which you boot your Windows 95 machine: AUTOEXEC.
Polling -- This feature enables you to create a simple text file containing job parameters in a folder and RocketDVD will read this file and execute the job.
New Codeless Language Modules provide the mechanism for customers to self-define support of syntax coloring and function navigation capabilities for additional languages using a plain text file, rather than compiled code or plug-ins.
To further become familiar with your writing style, the program searches your computer for text files or e-mail messages.
Tableau MySQL Edition is priced at $1,299 and is compatible with data in MySQL, Excel, Access, and text files.
RbEdit--Enhanced Editing of Large Text Files with Undo/Redo and-Find/Replace
From creating and editing XML documents to converting text files to XML and subscribing to Atom feeds, XML programmers will find this excellent.
on Tuesday took the wraps off a 19-centimeter-wide ultra-compact personal computer (PC) capable of playing videos and sending and receiving text files wirelessly.
3 for Windows 95/98/NT, a program that converts plain text files (.