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a book prepared for use in schools or colleges

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Previous assessments of Vellutello's commentary by Michele Barbi, Aldo Vallone, and Emilio Bigi have noted its most distinctive general features: Vellutello's disagreements with Landino on his commentary and Bembo on the text of Aldine text edition as well as with Manetti on the dimensions of the Inferno.
811, 'drache', which should perhaps be in round brackets according to the editors' logic as an unattested and possibly dubious form: the dictionary editors offer no gloss, and the quotation from an Anglo-Norman Text Society plain text edition of the Liber Donati (Liber Donati: A Fifteenth-Century Manual of French, ed.
It might in fact have been wiser to split the work over two volumes: a monograph dealing with the literary and political significance of the work, and a text edition of the Politica, alongside the Notae, and otherparerga which are not included here, to wit: the Adversus dialogistam and De una religione.
In my opinion their collaboration succeeds very well on two levels, as both a text edition and a stimulus for all kinds of more discursive work on early Egyptian Christianity.
Wilson OmniFile V: Full Text Edition This database is excellent for libraries that must address the needs of diverse academic departments.
Readers who want to tread their way through the argument would do well to equip themselves with the parallel text edition of the Apocryphon of John (M.
Then, finally in 1981 Hans Schmid published an adequate text edition.
Now the Cyrillic text edition is a product f an independent Russian newspaper, no longer the newspaper of the Supreme Soviet and Congress of People's Deputies.
As with any text edition, it is possible to quibble over the interpretation of this or that form or the reading of this or that letter; for those interested in doing so, good quality photographs are provided for almost every manuscript edited.
Chips Ahoy was electronically mailed to an incredibly small IT community of 2,500 Navy personnel, and it was the first electronic magazine delivered as an ASCII text edition mailed over the Defense Data Network (DDN) to 250 host administrators in 1987, preceding the World Wide Web by seven years.
As previously, three illustratively identical versions are published simultaneously in full, glossy, colour with the focus of this review on the original text edition.
Any text edition and translation is in fact a personal experience and based on personal choices and feelings.
Since 1984 the Oxford English Text edition has been coming out regularly (we have now passed the half-way stage), and we have all wondered at the sheer amount of material, the range and scope of Clare's work, the meticulous recording by the editors of every alteration or deletion in every manuscript.
By 1940, pages 1-244 of the part in Berlin were published in a critical text edition with German translation.