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a liquid aldehyde with a penetrating odor

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The choice of tetrahydrofuran (THF), obtained from Fluka, as solvent was based on the physico-chemical characteristics of this poly(amino acid), its boiling point is higher than the temperature of the experiment and its refraction index is different from that of the sample to avoid diffusion because of local fluctuations of the concentration (2).
That may because Tran model is specific for the combustion of tetrahydrofuran.
The solvents used in this method were tetrahydrofuran (THF), 1,4-dioxane (D), and toluene (T).
The following materials, among others, have been found at the facility: acetone, dimethyl formamide, petroleum ether, tetrahydrofuran, dichloroethyl ether, benzene, toluene, perchloric acid and phosphorus pentachloride.
The specimens were divided into groups of 20 and cleaned using 10% hydrofluoric acid, 35% phosphoric acid, 50% hydrogen peroxide, acetone, dichloromethane, ethanol, isopropanol, or tetrahydrofuran.
To evaluate the effect of solvent, we have screened different solvents such as dichloromethane, tetrahydrofuran, acetonitrile, chloroform, dioxane methanol and ethanol at reflux temperature.
The PSFV copolymer was dissolved in tetrahydrofuran (THF), and then ethanol was added into the solution to induce phase separation.
This sensor can detect acetone, chloroform, cyclohexane, N,N-dimethylformide, ethanol, ethyl acetate, hexane, methanol, carbon tetrachloride, tetrahydrofuran, and toluene.
The placement of the tetrahydrofuran ring in acetogenin was determined by analysis of the mass fragmentation pattern.
One milligram of the acetylated WE was dissolved in 1 mL of tetrahydrofuran and subjected to gel permeation chromatography (GPC) analysis.
Incipient wetness technique was used for filling the spheres by dissolving eight grams of sodium alanate in 100 ml of tetrahydrofuran (Sigma Aldrich).
Daiwon Choi [27] reported a room temperature process for the fabrication of HAP using organic solvent such as tetrahydrofuran.
1 and 2, is that for Dictyonema oil shale, the highest swelling extents can be seen in specifically interacting solvents (in hydrogen bonding solvents with high EDN values, such as pyridine, NMP, tetrahydrofuran, propylamine), and this emphasizes the concern regarding the use of regular-solution based approaches.