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Bond Strength of Resin Cement to Yttrium - Stabilized Tetragonal Zirconia Ceramic Treated with Air Abrasion, Silica Coating, and Laser lrradiation.
In this research, efforts were firstly made to produce tetragonal and cubic structures at room temperature by using milling method and to stabilize the structures afterwards.
The qualification criterion is the degradation of the tetragonal insertions.
Among the topics are nanocrystalline nickel-aluminum alloys prepared by mechanical alloying, the effect of hydrogen on the microhardness of tin brass heat exchanger tubes, the diffusion problem of new phase inclusion growth in bounded regions of oversaturated solid solutions, growing zinc oxide thin films on silicon substrates by atomic layer deposition, and the theoretical investigation of the spin Hamiltonian parameters for the tetragonal complex in sodium chloride.
It is generally valid that during the martensite transformation, the dissolved carbon causes distortion of the lattice and causes the occurrence of a tetragonal bcc-structure the [c.
Pressure-induced volume-collapsed tetragonal phase of Ca[Fe.
1-18) have bases with triangular or tetragonal boundaries (Figs.
Figure 8a illustrates complex aggregates of large clusters of radiating tetragonal prisms of phillipsite.
The penetrating body--made of diamond shaped as a regular tetragonal pyramid with the square base and with preset vertex angle (136[degrees]) between opposite walls--is pushed against the surface of testing body.