tetanus immunoglobulin

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sterile solution of globulins derived from the blood plasma of a person who has been immunized for tetanus

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Tetanus immunoglobulin was recommended; however, the family declined treatment.
Wound management, tetanus prevention and passive immunity administration Clean, minor All other wounds wounds including including Vaccination status infection-related ones infection-related ones Unknown or <3 doses TT and recommend TT and recommend of TT-containing catch-up vaccination catch-up vaccination: vaccine TIG <5 years 75 IU, 5-10 years 125 IU, >10 years 250 IU [greater than or No indication No indication equal to] 3 doses of TT-containing vaccine and <5 years since last dose [greater than or TT recommended TT recommended equal to] 3 doses of TT-containing vaccine and >5 years since last dose TT = tetanus toxoid; TIG = tetanus immunoglobulin.
Tetanus immunoglobulins are actively transported through the placenta from an immunized mother to her foetus, providing passive protection against Tetanus during Neonatal period & following month or two of life.
Tetanus immunoglobulin is indicated when patients who have been taking rituximab within the previous 6 months develop a contaminated wound.
Dr David Salisbury, director of immunisation policy at the Department of Health, has written to hospitals advising them on how to deal with shortages of tetanus immunoglobulin (TIG).
Table 2 lists indications for tetanus toxoid and tetanus immunoglobulin administration.
Patients received intramuscular human tetanus immunoglobulin and tetanus toxoid on admission.
In the United Kingdom, 5 doses of tetanus toxoid--containing vaccine at appropriate intervals are considered to provide lifelong protection, as long as tetanus-prone wounds are treated with tetanus immunoglobulin (10).