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and China had a testy meeting this week in Vietnam, with China pointing to the U.
After starting out fairly civil, the divorce talks "have turned extremely testy," the newspaper reported.
They were a tempestuous couple and things got particularly testy when Tolstoy's missus realised there was a chance her hubby might leave everything to followers of his idealistic faith.
It continued; "A testy hearing saw Ms Jeleva challenging MEPs to visit her home town to review court records and deny misrepresenting her relationship with a consulting firm.
ANYONE who knows me knows I can become quite testy when confronted with race hatred, but surely it's in what context you use a title that makes it offensive or cruel.
Governor ROD BLAGOJEVICH'S testy refusal to step aside in the face of FBI wiretaps that reveal his attempt to auction Barack Obama's Senate seat to the highest bidder is the gift that keeps on giving.
Sarkozy's predecessor Jacques Chirac was renowned for his testy clashes with former British leader Tony Blair.
Of course, she hides this by being testy towards him, but it soon becomes clear Sir Timothy has a serious rival for her affections.
By delivering fun packaging, promotions and testy products, we hope to satisfy that consumer need.
We get testy if we have to keep going to acronymfinder.
That's not what we're about at all," said a somewhat testy George E.
Not all of the contributors here are disciples of Hegel, so the mix is lively as are the articles, which cover the symbolic and the classical in Romantic art, Hegel's approach to architecture and the beauty of sculpture, the eccentricity inherent in painting, music, theories of tragedy, the end and the future of art, post-Hegelian reflections on the end of art and nature, abstract art, religion and the modernity of Hegel's approach to art, the resulting "religion" of art, and the testy relationship between Hegel and the Romantics.
Guys get a little testy,'' Odom said, ``especially the one time they get the ball, they get fouled.
Jim Webb and Harris Miller, Virginia's contestants for the Democratic nomination for Senate, engaged in a very testy televised debate May 19, as both tried to discredit the other's Democratic bona fides.
Given the sometimes testy relationship between Rogers and Astaire, it feels almost like an extended inside joke.