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a room in which tests are conducted


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The move increases the store's number of testing rooms from six to 11 and its dispensing desks from six to 14, creating 10 jobs in the process.
But as I sat in the testing room at St Nicholas Hospital in Gosforth, Newcastle, I reassured polygraph examiner Shay Addison I would not try to trick the machine.
The most common accommodations granted were extra rest time, extra testing time, a separate testing room, and other small accommodations such as use of cushion or permission to bring food or drink into the testing room.
Aerosolize Mycobacterium parafortuitum into the testing room until steady state is reached.
The technical center will have a workshop for the installation and removal of transmissions, an analysis room where they can be disassembled and examined, and a component testing room.
With the confederate already at his/her designated place in the testing room, the experimenter recorded the self selected seat chosen by the participant as he/she entered the room.
Then, on the morning of December 6, 2005, the NYSED final report was published revealing that a Company employee had advised an undercover agent to falsify income for purposes of qualifying for financial aid, that the school changed answers on a federally approved exam to receive financial aid, and that during a test, Company employees left test booklets with indications as to the proper answers while a proctor left a testing room for the students to obtain the answers in his absence.
1KV Grade XLPE (Armoured Cable) UG Cable for the Processing, Tool room and Testing room Machines at CIPET Agartala Document cost : INR 3000 EMD value : INR 50000 Pre-bid meeting date : 11 Jan 2018 Opening date : 29 Jan 2018
Clubb's power spilled over into the drug testing room - quite literally.
The new Centre for Excellence will house an NPD kitchen, a sensory testing room, a bakery, and a micro-brewery and winery, enabling Muntons and its customers to work more closely together on developing new product concepts and improving existing ones.
While the 24-year-old Melikyan was in the testing room at USC, he grabbed the booklet from a proctor who chased Melikyan until Melikyan threatened him with a knife.
Observing behavior outside the testing room increases understanding of the interpersonal context in which the behavior is taking place.
Tenders are invited for Development center and testing room