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But whether this test was planned and deliberate or whether it simply sprung up, it is a testament to the testiness of the street," he wrote.
and testiness and greediness and selfishness and mutters
All of this, when combined with the state of the Indian economy, a 1980s and '90s Australian view of India through the narrow prism of the 'India-Pakistan' conflict and the nuclear tests of 1998, meant that relations between our two countries came to be characterised more by mutual disinterest or mutual testiness.
Of all types of disagreement, this is intriguingly the one most likely to reveal a certain testiness in the language, although the general tone of the Court, even in disagreement, is so formal and polite that one must look quite closely to find instances of it.
At first, more sensitive thoughts and feelings were prefaced with an apology or testiness, as if seeking permission from the group to venture into more difficult territory.
We can only think that the reason this giant public personality has not received this honour before is the testiness he displays occasionally in private.
menia), musth, testiness, and the winner, ballistic.
The testiness of the play is provided by Mark Arends and Michael Ryan as wannabe assassin and accomplice.
It is ironic, and important, that the dialectic of debate and the testiness of Congress cause the nation's highest elected official to trim his sails.
For those able to drive the main roads, there were a bevy accidents due to traffic lights out at major intersections and the general testiness of drivers.
Swap fleet-footed Forest and their acres of space for gruesome Rotherham and their in-yer-face testiness and Wolves will look like an entirely different kettle of egomaniacs.
No,' I replied with a certain testiness, annoyed that my imaginary personal space had been invaded.
One of Riddle's Asian bulls was just reaching adulthood and displaying a junior version of musth, the weeks-long phase of testiness and heightened interest in mating that characterizes adult males (SN: 11/25/00, p.
Her rancor trickles down to her co-workers too, who have to put up with her testiness and simmering rage.
Ill-conceived slogans and testiness will not suffice.