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Synonyms for testily

in a petulant manner

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Advancing to the window, and seeing the children's occupations, he testily exclaimed--'What in the world are you about?
You will do nothing of the sort," Wingrave answered testily.
Filer was heard to remark testily, that four times was over the average; and he ought to be ashamed of himself.
If you do not wish to answer my question," I said, rather testily, "why not say so?
Quit it, delete it, cease it," Chauncey Delarouse admonished testily.
I doubt if he knew what he meant himself," said Doctor Dave testily.
Yes, we know all about that, sir,' interrupted Ralph, testily.
I am not in my second childhood yet, Richard," he replied, testily.
See here, little girl, we might just as well settle this thing right now, once for all," he began testily.
He knows all he cares about it,' Mr Flintwinch testily urged.
Don't be above calling it wages, man,' said Mr Boffin, testily.
Well, that would make me about 114 years old," I said, testily.
It's Mertesacker," I point out testily, and he plays for Arsenal, too.
At a news conference a few days before the concert a clip of which was shown at the screening the other night he sat grim-faced, smoking a cigarette, testily deflecting questions about how he was treated in the South.
That prompted Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif to respond testily that Dempsey's threats showed "bad habits never die.