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Synonyms for testify

give evidence


testify to something

Synonyms for testify

to give evidence or testimony under oath

to confirm formally as true, accurate, or genuine

to give grounds for believing in the existence or presence of

Synonyms for testify

References in classic literature ?
But if what the French call effarement was ever expressed on a human countenance it was on this occasion, testifying to his modesty, his sensibility and his innocence.
If I had been a stock or a stone, such an interference as this must have roused me into testifying to the truth.
Chained to a desk in the thick of four millions of men, he considered himself the victim of an ironic fate - the same, no doubt, which had brought about his marriage with a woman exceptionally sensitive in the matter of colonial climate, besides other limitations testifying to the delicacy of her nature - and her tastes.
He divided things so justly, and so much to every one's satisfaction, that they only desired one general writing under my hand for the whole, which I caused to be drawn up, and signed and sealed, setting out the bounds and situation of every man's plantation, and testifying that I gave them thereby severally a right to the whole possession and inheritance of the respective plantations or farms, with their improvements, to them and their heirs, reserving all the rest of the island as my own property, and a certain rent for every particular plantation after eleven years, if I, or any one from me, or in my name, came to demand it, producing an attested copy of the same writing.
I am much obliged to you,' returned the old woman, testifying by a certain restlessness in her hands a vehement desire to shake her matronly fist at her son-in-law.
It offers seminars and workshops in testifying skills, cross-examination, expert-report writing and defending as well as seminars and publications that explain how attorneys impeach and destroy experts.
In addition, certain "academic affiliates" of AGE had been designated as testifying experts for the United States.
Lustgarten, 62, who earns substantial side income testifying as an expert witness, last year lost one of his three medical licenses for "inappropriate" testimony on behalf of a patient's family in a medical malpractice case.
When he embarked on a career as a consultant/expert, often testifying against Volkswagen, he hadn't worked on a single job involving automobiles, much less engineering.
Part of that new relationship involves a face-off with tobacco executives testifying under oath and access to their in-house research.
Maintain primacy in our research, testifying and lobbying efforts regarding legislation realizing that we cannot tackle the macro issues;
Northcut has provided consulting and testifying expertise in a broad range of other litigation areas including securities fraud, antitrust, breach of contract, and trade secrets matters, and has appeared as an expert in state and federal courts and in various administrative forums.
Coward was granted immunity for testifying at Williams' trial.
Jury surveys and research in communication provide guidance to law enforcement officers on how to be more effective in court, whether sitting at the prosecutor's side as the lead investigator or testifying as a witness.
CPAs often act as expert witnesses, testifying in court or in a deposition.