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Synonyms for testifier

one who testifies, especially in court

Synonyms for testifier

a person who testifies or gives a deposition

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If we wish to participate fully in the meaning-generating process, we need to respect and take account of the disconnection itself, as well as its abstract origins, a process that allows us to perceive the past events--receive them, in fact--on behalf of the testifier.
The testifier is surprised by its sudden visitation, and resists in vain its shaking impact.
Using this data, the testifier concluded that there is "ample room
These roles include: Standards Developer, Reviewer, Testifier, Educator, and Constant Student.
Both these uses of the early jury as testifier of fact made some sense.
161) Although the Yates defense brought forth evidence of Dietz's brochure distribution during cross-examination in an effort to portray Dietz as a "professional testifier," (162) Dietz did not seem apologetic.
A frequent testifier before Congressional committees, Adams eschewed opportunities to operate long-term inside the Beltway.
In one case, a cop shows up at his ex-wife's house one morning and shoots her half-dressed boyfriend, but at trial he's personable and, as a frequent testifier, knows how to connect with a jury; they let him off despite gaping holes in his theory that it was self-defense.
As a consultant, expert testifier, and former Trader and Trading Manager, Nick offers both the practical insights and in-depth industry perspective organizations often seek from commodity and securities-related, litigation consulting experts.
Josh is a seasoned testifier who brings cutting-edge thinking on antitrust and intellectual property economics," said Alexis Maniatis, President of The Brattle Group.
that was also broadcast internationally but little seen in the United States We will include a video overview, video segments of selected testimony, questions and answers with a Winter Soldier testifier from Eugene, and video clips of our citizens' arrest warrant for high government officers read at the National Archives, the U.
This is illustrated in Country of My Skull when, after hearing a testifier, Nomonde Calata, breaking down into sobbing and crying during her testimony, Krog's friend, and fellow witness of the testimonies, Prof.
She is a seasoned economist and expert testifier, and is highly experienced in working with multinational corporations and antitrust challenges in multiple jurisdictions.
Extant discussions of testimonial injustice usually assume that the injustice occurs when an audience ignores the claims made by a testifier.