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Synonyms for testifier

one who testifies, especially in court

Synonyms for testifier

a person who testifies or gives a deposition

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Jones writes: "It is a commonplace that the credibility we ascribe to reports should be a function of the trustworthiness of the testifier, or testifiers, and the plausibility of what they say in the light of what else we believe.
Catherine Cruz Food Safety and Hygiene Officer Company of the testifier
In turn, perceiving that all African Americans are "paranoid" will make it difficult for a listener to perceive a testifier like Williams as competent.
ALABAMA SHAKES Fronted by the redoubtable soul testifier Brittany Howard, this Athens, Georgia-based band are a throwback to the everpotent southern soul sounds of Muscle Shoals.
As Susannah Radstone has argued in a recent critical review of the rise of "trauma theory" in the humanities, while it is always personally and professionally dangerous for an academic to question the moral impulses of anyone dealing with trauma, it remains the case that traumatic events and their victims have always attracted forms of experiencing that are quite different from those of the ethically prescribed dyad of testifier and witness.
Arguments from statistics are similar to testimonials, except that the testifier may be identified only generally.
But more compelling by far is Remington's response to the one-sided reporting, including such aspects as CNBC failing to mention if a trigger had been tampered with or that the "expert" witness is a repeat paid plaintiff's testifier who has never proven his own supposed "debris theory" Remington's response shows the CNBC allegations to be, well, shot full of holes.
As the listener in this case, Alison bears witness to events reflected in but not known to the testifier, and her tears manifest symptoms that, by all rights, ought to be the old man's but, because of his emotional disconnection, become hers to cry on his behalf.
The testifier, Derrida says, does not actually tell a story, s/he incorporates the event, carries it, and acts as witness.
As Dori Laub points out, traumatic occurrences often produce no witnesses since, given their enormity, no one can extricate her- or himself from their contaminating power and remain an objective testifier.
The Executive's Guide to Depositions, written by John Lang, an accomplished litigator, will be an invaluable tool to help financial professionals understand the process and the role of a testifier.
Judith Woolf's essay provides a competent summary of Levi as testifier against Nazism.
one testifier cited to a study showing "no correlation between a
He claims, in particular, that we are justified in acquiring a belief that p on the basis of what a speaker says, if two conditions are fulfilled: we know that the testifier is a reliable source, and we know that the testifier knows that p.
It is Easier for Lawyers to Attack the Testifier than the Testimony