testicular cancer

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malignant tumor of the testis


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The Platinum Study, funded by the National Cancer Institute, examined the rates of metabolic abnormalities among North American testicular cancer survivors who received prior platinum-based chemotherapy.
I survived testicular cancer because I knew the importance of getting checked out at the earliest opportunity, and I caught mine in the early stages.
6 relative risk of testicular cancer in the normally descended testis of unilateral cryptorchid men [8], so the contralateral, normally descended testis in unilateral cryptorchid man has a high risk of testicular cancer.
5 The earlier testicular cancer is diagnosed the better the chance of cure.
Although testicular cancer is a male ailment, a woman had been nominated and singer Ellie Gouldiing obliged with her image posted by Douglas Poynter of McFly, although he later deleted the photo.
CHECK YOURSELF OVER TESTICULAR cancer is one of the less common cancers, but it usually affects younger men, aged between 15 and 49.
Discuss the importance of early detection of testicular cancer through self-examination.
The German Testicular Cancer Study Group published their data from a large patient cohort with a mean follow-up of 8 years and a 99% disease-free survival rate in patients with bilateral testicular cancer or cancer in a solitary testis.
Universally referred to as Smiler the squad have created a purple smiley face to represent his nickname and chose the colour to show support for testicular cancer charities.
In 2010 there were 10,721 deaths from prostate cancer in the UK and 75 from testicular cancer.
One study, however, showed that testicular cancer is on the rise, particularly in the industrialized nations (J.
London, July 29 ( ANI ): A platinum-based chemotherapy drug has upped the survival rate of British men suffering from testicular cancer by 96 per cent.
According to previous reports of testicular cancer patients receiving chemotherapy, thrombosis is rare.
A recent study found a link between recreational marijuana use and an increased risk of developing subtypes of testicular cancer that tend to carry a somewhat worse prognosis.