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13] Ravery [14] et al explained origin of testicular artery from accessory renal arteries, as both have a common source of origin and testis receives branches during anterior crossing of kidneys.
Thus, the origin of the left testicular artery was also higher and it was bifid with both branches arising from the left renal artery [Figure 1] and [Figure 2].
The risks of varicocele repair can include wound infection, bleeding, post-operative hydrocele, varicocele recurrence, and injury to the vas deferens and testicular artery (Nees & Glassberg, 2011).
Left testicular artery arching over the ipsilateral renal vein.
8) The torsed structure in this condition is the spermatic cord, which contains the testicular artery, vas deferens, lymphatic vessels, sympathetic nerves, and cremasteric muscle.
The dominant feature of vasculature of the testis is the spermatic cord, which supports the testicular artery surrounded by a network of veins (Figure 5-38).
The right renal artery gave rise to the middle suprarenal branches, right testicular artery and a large aberrant branch arising 3cm from the hilum of the right kidney.
Corrosion cast were used to evaluate morphology of testicular artery and the number of cranial, caudal and penetrating branches.
This blind method of injecting local anaesthetic is not free of complications like injury to testicular artery leading to bleeding and haematoma or at times testicular atrophy and intravascular injection leading to systemic intoxication.
Pathophysiology of varicocele Proposed Details mechanism Hyperthermia The scrotal position of the testicle allows for heat exchange between the pampiniform venous plexus and testicular artery regulating optimal temperature for spermatogenesis.
In varicocele, the backflow leads to permanent damage to the testicular tissue due to disruption of normal supply of oxygenated blood through the testicular artery.
Through the use of a surgical microscope and intraoperative micro Doppler ultrasonic probe for arterial identification, the microsurgical technique allows for better preservation of the testicular artery and lymphatics.
Once the testicular artery enters the tunica albuginea, it branches into capsular arteries and eventually into recurrent rami branches that course centrifugally into the mediastinum.
However, the last two authors refer just to the presence of a testicular artery for testis irrigation, while our results corroborate with those by Gray, where several small testicular arteries reach the testis.
An abnormal course of the right testicular artery was uncovered during the routine dissection for undergraduate medical students and it was unilateral.