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someone who administers a test to determine your qualifications

a flat canopy (especially one over a four-poster bed)

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The PROFIBUS Tester 5 is a finished solution that does not require any add-ons or additional network components to produce reliable results.
Depending on the PAT tester in question the overall abilities may change, but we follow some general rules for classification.
Paints containing natural pigments can vary in colour quite considerably from batch to batch, so if you're not going to buy tester pots, make sure all your paint comes from the same batch and check that it matches the colour chart before you use it.
FX-7100 COF tester is a full featured digital-based friction tester, which can be run as a stand-alone machine or a computer-assisted tester with optional FX-7000 quality control software for automatic calculation and graphical display of static and kinetic friction data.
Also showing the Vortx-i computer-controlled torque tester and Mark 4 AFG and BFG force gauges.
To qualify as a video game tester, you have to have excellent communication and organizational skills and be disciplined enough to thoroughly test the games, rather than simply play them.
All tests are transportable, stable and repeatable and can be moved from tester to tester, line to line or site to site with no impact on the quality of test.
My unit invested in a $30 battery tester and we Feel like we saved more than $300 in the first 6 months by not throwing away good batteries.
Changes in scores did not vary by field tester job/position description (e.
Instron's new Silver Series Testers include four models: the RA-1 analog manual regular scale tester, the MRA-1 analog motorized regular scale tester, the MRD-l digital regular scale tester and the MTD-2 twin scale digital tester.
Tester 2: It was fairly hard to wash off - but left my skin feeling smooth.
Observers made the contact with the volunteer tester, set up a time, went to the tester's desk, and observed and took notes.
That changed in December, when the Clinton EEOC announced it had signed contracts with private groups in Washington and Chicago to support exploratory tester programs.
The 'B' scale mold hardness tester is best used on softer molds, anywhere up to a 90 mold hardness reading [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].
Traditional low cost in-circuit testers almost always include a method to power up the board, allowing the user to make simple voltage and current measurements using the tester's in-circuit measurement and switching subsystems.