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a female testator

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The residue remaining after his death was to be distributed to the intestate successors of the testatrix.
39) Based on this definition, the court held that the plan of disposition was logical and the brother had failed to show the testatrix was incompetent.
1927) ("[T]he testatrix did not anticipate the invalidity of her gift.
1951) ("The testatrix stated in her will a purpose to make no provision for her son .
The nephews and nieces of the testatrix who are listed in Section
75) In the case of such linens this was either personally worked or chosen by the testatrix, and so passed on to personal relatives or friends, or it had a family connotation and bequeathed accordingly.
On the evidence of this witness, who swears that at the direction of the testatrix she destroyed the will offered for probate, such evidence being against her own interest, I decline to receive it.
The testatrix executed it last Christmas Day and retained it in her possession.
35) The Third District stated, "[i]t is important in considering whether undue influence was exercised in the making of this will to consider the mental and physical condition of the testatrix at the time the will was executed.
imposed too high a 'ceiling' for the appellant, by requiring the appellant to satisfy him that the testator and testatrix had entered into an 'enforceable contract' [in law] rather than an 'agreement or understanding' enforceable in equity.
29) Short time-lines could be expected where instructions are received from an octogenarian testatrix, (30) from military or naval personnel on active service, (31) from a person whose health is evidently failing, (32) or from a patient in an intensive care unit.
Note that this recent case overturns a Miami-Dade County probate court's determination that a will was procured by undue influence where the favored daughter was present at the will signing and aware of the contents, but where evidence showed the testatrix clearly intended to disproportionately benefit the daughter.
The court found the evidence insufficient to invoke the following rule: "[W]hen a confidential relationship between the testatrix and the principal beneficiary is shown, a presumption of undue influence arises and the burden shifts to the proponent to prove that undue influence was not exercised.
Nevertheless, the trial court denied the attorney's request for fees and costs on the theory that the attorney should have known that the testatrix lacked testamentary capacity.
The First District held it was exempt from creditors of the testatrix.