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a person who makes a will

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It provides a snapshot of practices and intentions of Australian testators and the social norms that underpin distributions of estates.
To prepare a valid DIFC will, she said: "The testator must be non-Muslim and aged 21 and above.
The Bill also allows a person to relinquish their rights to make a future claim for family maintenance on a deceased estate, which is expected to be of particular benefit when property is difficult to distribute, such as farms, and families want to agree on succession arrangements while the testator is still alive.
On the contrary, one of the accepted virtues of freedom of testation is that it exploits the comparative advantage of testators to craft estate plans benefitting successors, taking into account the unique circumstances of each family; by comparison, intestacy law operates mechanically and inflexibly.
In contrast to an official will, "asmeninis testamentas" is written up in hand by the testator indicating the first name and surname of the testator, the date (a year, a month, a day) and place where the will was made, expressing the true intent of the testator and signed by him" (The Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania, 2011).
43) As the couple's financial situation changes and as the couple acquires new assets, a testator can update the will periodically, while always leaving significant assets to his or her partner.
As the QTC testators explain, for Inuit these moves often were devastating and for their dogs they proved overwhelmingly fatal.
For example, an individual testator might make a bequest to a designated beneficiary of the maximum amount of property that can pass free of estate tax.
that enfeebled testators should not be allowed to be victimized by domineering nurses, counselors, or whomever.
For example, with more divorces and remarriages, testators may wish to provide for a second spouse and/or for younger children, rather than older children.
For example, Lancashire County Records Office at Preston has a comprehensive list of wills for the North West, while there are many printed volumes by the various historic societies containing the names of testators and the whereabouts of their wills.
that the rights of the spouses and creditors of testators and of settlors of revocable trusts are fundamentally alike, because both the testator and the settlor have retained their complete control over the property that is subject to the will or trust instrument.
Her appendices list the names of officials, testators and witnesses.
Although settlors and testators are generally free to designate which state's governing law applies in the trust instrument as long as there is no violation of strong public policy, (2) in the absence of a designation in the trust instrument, "situs" for governing law purposes will generally depend on whether the issue involves: 1) validity (does the trust violate a rule of law such as the rule against perpetuities); 2) construction (identity of the beneficiaries and their interests); or 3) administration (matters dealing with trustees).
When the freedom of testators (3) to control and dispose of their property as they desire conflicts with the freedom of the donee to do the same, whose freedom should the law protect?